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I finally bought TV Star! PYN

3rdDec 24, 2020 by blazermaniac94
So after 8 years on Tengaged I finally was able to buy TV Star (I really suck at games).  In remember when I joined therr was only like 200 TV stars I thought I was going to get one no problem and be this highly ranked game bot ( We can see how that worked out).  Anyways I've met some great people and have also spent a lot of time lurking while being irrelevant.   

To celebrate please PYN even if you don't know me because I probably know you and I'll write something about you such a a favorite memory, something I think about you, etc. 

P.S.   I highly doubt anyone still keeps tracks of TV stars but of anyone still keeps track of them I'd love to know approximately what number I am.

#joey65409 -. You're just such a chill guy.  I love playing games with you because even if we don't talk we still work well together and if something doesn't work out you've never gotten mad at me.   Thanks again for helping in my charity!

#FromaWindow - My definite favorite memory is our stars together and how we were pretty much had the exact same thought process.   Even though it didn't work out for us I had so much fun the first couple days.   Then you slayed the rest of the game and did pretty much every nom set that I think I would have done

#Amandabynes - Honestly playing stars with you was a blast.   We are underdogs against the big alliance but we gave them out best shot.   I probably screwed you over when I didn't lock in Britt when I left and I still feel bad for that.   

#Cheritaisdelicious - Where do I start. Probably with the fact that we are completely different people but you dont care about that at all and I will always appreciate you for it.  I love our conversations and how we can have both serious and fun conversations. I remember after I backstabbed you for the 2nd time and you messaged me and was like "WTF dude I want to work with you" and I'm so glad you did.  Also I just find it funny people always think we are a F2 in frooks when we rarely talk on game.   Love you 💖

#quackattack817 - I don't think we've talked before but looking at your friends list there is a bunch of people on there that I know are nice.  You also have an old blog about the Cubs/Giants so you must pay attention to baseball a little bit which is my favorite sport so that's great

burgta01 - First off thank you for helping in my charity.   I love working with you in Frooks, but we should make a F2 this game.  Also, I was following your music choice game and everyone you picked as your winner was my winner so great taste in music.   

mradamman12 It's always crazy to me that we can be on this site as long as we both have yet to my knowledge have never played a game together.  Looking at your blog I see a one about The Challenge which I just started watching this year and love it.   Are you liking this season?

arris Another person I haven't talked to before but looking at your friends you must be a nice person. This quote on your front page made me laugh " 'Arris - 4. I think you play stupid and that's not really a good look. Imo you use your looks as a way to become superior which is kind of extra and unnecessary, but I might be wrong because we've never spoken".

kingjames13. My Man!   First of you're slaying stars and I really hope you stay.   Even though you're favorite team is the Thunder and you were a Lakers jersey sometimes I love talking to you if it's about sports or not.   You've quickly become one of my favorite people on Tengaged.

Marwane - My one memory of you is when I flipped on you Christosss and Bluejay in Survivor.  I feel bad because you guys are so nice I'm sure we would have had a great time if I hadn't of flipped.

Danger - I always appreciate your blogs when you call people out on their BS when they are trying to start drama or just being idiots in general.   Your blogs always make sense to me and you say it in a way that I probably couldn't. 

Jessie_ - We only really talked for the first time last night and then you joined my charity right after, that's all I need to know about you.   You're a good person and I can't wait to play some more with you. 

Washed_Ravioli - The fact that we have the exact  same interest when it comes to majors in college is pretty great.   I feel like just recently we've started talking more then the basic let's work together in Frooks and I'm glad we are.   

Bluestar - I remember when I was a noob on here I would see your hairdresser avi and think that whoever had that design must be a cool person.   It took me 8 years to find out but I was right!   Even though the casting we played together ended poorly it was still one of my favorite games I've played in a long while.    You're a great person and I'll come up with cocktails for you anytime.

ilovetosing I actually think you have pretty good taste in music.   I listen to country music lol but most of the time if I see you post about a song I tend to like it or agree with whatever your saying.   

yawnha - You get a lot of hate on her, but you've never been anything but nice to me.   I couldn't imagine being on here when I was 13 it's a lot.   

Salmaan - I appreciate that you're never afraid to call me out when you think I'm being shady like the other night.   You said I wasn't acting like I normally do and you were 100% correct.   Thank you for that.   I didn't see you in games for a while for whatever reason, but I'm glad I've seen you in a couple recently because you're a great player.

Christossss - It was so great when you came back and then I flipped in survivor and we haven't talked since. Sorry about that.  You're really a great person and I remember when you were still a noob knowing that you were so much cooler then I am and everyone was going to love you when they got to know you.   I was right.   

tbrown_47 - I feel like we never play in games together even though we get along.   The Nuggets are going to be great this year so hopefully we can talk basketball when we cross paths.

hwest14 - My avi twin!   Whenever we talk we get I enjoy it.  You've been on Tengaged for a long time but I never see people hating on you or you thing caught up in drama which is great.  You're a great person.

ace99 - The first thing that popped into my head was a call I was on a few months ago and you were joining.   Everyone was talking about your voice and how how they love your voice lol.   Besides that you're always relaxed when it comes to Frooks we often say we are working together but it doesn't always work out and you've never gotten mad at me.

LoganWolfe my newest friend on Tengaged!   You're a really nice person and everytime we've played together I've enjoyed talking to you.   I can't wait to continue that.

@ciuraa - I've enjoyed talking to you and getting to know you.   I don't understand how you can have a pet snake though... Crazy.

skyler1822 - I've seen you around and in Frooks but for whatever reason we never talk.  Next time we're in a game together we should talk The Challenge because I don't have a lot of people to talk to about it.

Chels052_ - I feel like right when I started actually talking you you stopped joining most game, maybe that's me idk but I haven't seen you around as much. Would love to get to know you because the people I love love you.

tennisplayer963 - One of if not the nicest person on here and you don't get enough credit for it imo.   I remember the stars we played together and how close we were working together at the beginning.   I still debate wether or not putting you up with Tyler was the right move or not.   

BrittBritt - One of the last times you did a PYN blog and I commented you mentioned the stars we played together, but I'm going to do the same thing.    Even though we were on opposite sides we could just have normal conversations which was so refreshing when the game got crazy.    Also, when you almost immediately new that I needed to talk to Evan because we would get along.  Since then anytime we play in a game I have a fun time.   Any hate you get on Tengaged is so unwarranted it's crazy, and the people don't know just how great you are.


Joey! Congrats!!
Sent by joey65409,Dec 24, 2020
Love ya josh congrats!
Sent by FromAWindow,Dec 24, 2020
Congrats king !
Sent by AmandaBynes,Dec 24, 2020
I love you so much, congratulations! I am very proud of you!
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Dec 24, 2020
Sent by quackattack817,Dec 24, 2020
Congrats king! I couldn’t think of someone nicer and more deserving of this!
Sent by burgta01,Dec 24, 2020
grats! we dont know each other well but im happy for you :)
Sent by mradamman12,Dec 24, 2020
okok grats
Sent by Arris,Dec 24, 2020
Sent by kingjames13,Dec 24, 2020
Sent by Marwane,Dec 24, 2020
Sent by Danger,Dec 24, 2020
Sent by Jessie_,Dec 24, 2020
me! congrats im so happy for you <3 <3
Sent by Washed_Ravioli,Dec 24, 2020
Congrats josh :)
Sent by BlueStar,Dec 24, 2020
Grats. :)
Sent by ilovetosing,Dec 24, 2020
Sent by Yawnha,Dec 24, 2020
Sent by salmaan,Dec 24, 2020
Sent by christossss,Dec 24, 2020
Congrats man!
Sent by tbrown_47,Dec 24, 2020
Congrats!!! Me :D
Sent by hwest14,Dec 24, 2020
congrats josh! u rock
Sent by Ace99,Dec 24, 2020
Sent by LoganWolfe,Dec 24, 2020
Me! Congrats!!
Sent by Ciurrra,Dec 24, 2020
Congrats!! :)
Sent by Chels052_,Dec 24, 2020
sure but idk you lol
Sent by skyler1822,Dec 24, 2020
Sent by tennisplayer963,Dec 24, 2020
Me!!! Congrats!!!
Sent by BrittBritt,Dec 24, 2020
Congrats man! Sj
Sent by sjsoccer88,Dec 25, 2020
Congrats!! Alex
Sent by AmazingBrick,Dec 25, 2020

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