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Jul 24, 2012 by blatastic1234
the tributes slowly rise into the arena. the pedestals stop rising as the 60 seconds begin. the careers get ready to run to the cornucopia as the timer counts down, the other tributes argue in their minds if they should flee into the forest or bolt for the supplies. BAAM!! the timer hits 0 signaling that the games have began. @jarett yoshi9999 and helenjeller flee into the nearby forest leaving the rest of the tributes to battle it out. inial8or begins running to the cornucopia but before he can get a foot away from his pedestal 1swampy8 grabs him from behind and smashes the tributes head on the pedestal killing him. sssp123 reaches out to a nearby backpack as he runs to it, he gets a light grip on it before amf7410 slices his hand off. amf7410 quickly finishes off the District 5 tribute before joining back in the bloodbath. greenivo runs out of the cornucopia only to be splattered in bryce12 blood. he runs past her as ohhayy finishes her off. greenivo continues to run but choochoo tackles him and begins stabbing him over and over, screaming as the blade inserts into the tributes body, tearing flesh, causing blood to splatter. she looks at the clearly dead tribute and gets up but pain shoots through her back and she falls. before choochoo killed the tribute he had managed to stab her in the back. dolphinsoccer4 sees the injured career and quickly finishes her off before fleeing into the forest. nick24678 runs into the cornucopia not seeing the District 2 tribute, awesomedude. @awesomwdude grabs nick24678 head and snaps his neck. #amf7410 bolts after #ohhayy but khmaster80673 interfers and throws the spear he was holding at the time, it lodging itnto amf7410 head, killing him. ohhayy and @khmaster8073 run into the woods. #ribbons looks around the cornucopia trying to find a tribute who hasn't fled yet and spots monica1623 digging through a backpack. ribbons smiles and she pulls out a throwing axe she found in the cornucopia and throws it. the axe lodges into monica1623 head.

8 cannons fire

faces in sky
#inial80r, the district 3 male
#choochoo, District 4 female
#amf7410, District 4 male
#sssp123, District 5 male
#monica1623, District 7 female
#greenivo, District 9 female
#bryce12, District 12 female
#nick24678, District 12 male


left alive
D1 female- 1swampy8
D1 male- awesomedude
D2 female- ribbons
D2 male- sparticus142
D3 female- helenjeller
D5 female- logangage14
D6 female- ohhayy
D6 male- khmaster80673
D7 male- yoshi9999
D8 female- joshg222
D8 male- @jgoodies
D9 male- @intution
D10 female- @pankakes45
D10 male- @mrkkkkyle
D11 female- @jarett
D11 male- @dolphinsoccer4
Sent by blatastic1234,Jul 24, 2012
Sent by Shimama100,Jul 24, 2012
yayaya i lived hahah so glad
Sent by pankakes45,Jul 24, 2012
Sent by Awesomedude,Jul 24, 2012
This was really good. Can't wait for ep.2 :)
Sent by 1Swampy8,Jul 25, 2012
i didnt see my name in it but im glad i lived lol
Sent by pankakes45,Jul 25, 2012

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