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CASTING #183817 (experiences, strategy and tributes) Apr 24, 2018
This has been an amazing game and this is the first serious castings that I have ever participated in. People have told me that this a very unusual castings and that this one had better players than the average.

As with all games, I had a strategy going in. I made deep connections with a lot of people and connected with them on a personal level so that they will keep me in this game.

I survived multiple evictions because I made sure that I had the votes to stay in. I may seem like just a social butterfly on the outside but there lies a strategic mind on the inside.

I also got 1 key which I never told anyone about. I wanted to be as small a threat as I can since that was the thing that kept me safe throughout the game despite being put up multiple times

Icarus_Mark: Amazing person with lots of interesting layers (i.e. hardworking, horny, GOT fan)! I am glad that I met you this game. I respect your dedication and passion! I knew you were going to finals from day 1 and it was a moot point trying to get rid of you. However, to ensure that I made it far this game, I systematically voted out the people you were close to (i.e. Savannah, Maddog, Chyna, heather). I wanted to lessen the number of options that you had to roll with in the future.

AshlynArehart: You are fabulous and super fantastic in this game. I connected with you a lot and I respected the fact that despite a hard life, you were able to show extreme resilience. If I had half the resilience that you have, I will be more than alright in life. Our relationship is like two long-time girlfriends who gossiped and laughed and then gossiped some more. In terms of strategy, our interests aligned the most in this game. We had the same targets and we were most of the time successful in our agendas (sports leaving, Maddog leaving, keeping me and Marie in as long as possible). Good luck with everything and I better play with you again.

Sameed27: My ride or die this game! You were my day 1 and we are still standing strong up until the final stages of this game. You are the best player in here after mark and have lots of potential to progress in the tengaged world. Our interests may not always align in terms of some of the votes (i.e. Maddog) but at the end of the day, I knew you had my back the most and will never get rid of me. I connected with you a lot because you are a big nerd like I am. Continue being the best person you can be and keep up the good work!!!

s73100 You were a very low-key player but I really did connect with you. Both of us want to become doctors and we both know how arduous of an undertaking that is. We were kindred spirits. You have been one of my biggest allies this game and one of the reasons why I made it to this point.

minniemax: We had so much fun in this game when we were joking around with each other and I connected with you a lot too. We were co-presidents of the keyless club until you got your own key. I eventually did get a key myself but I just kept it to myself.  Nonetheless, we were a riot! It was so sad to be put up against you.

MarieEve: My blockmate and one of my biggest allies this game. The two of us were so good at getting the third nominee out the door. The reason why we survived for so long was because we had an intuitive understanding that the 3rd nominee always needed to get 3 points. So many victims fell to us! However, it was inevitable that the two of us were the sole nominees. I knew it was going to happen so thats the reason why I got closer with other people too so that they will keep me over you. I love you!

heatherlum: I was doing the math in my head and I was getting multiple 2s and 3s in some votes. I had a huge feeling it was you who was giving me some of those. Hence, the first time you touched the block, I rallied Marie and influenced other people to give you their 3s. I respect your sass and your loyalty to your friends. I just wished I was one of them. Continue with your writing as you have a gift!!

maddog16: One of the hardest nomsets for me. You were a loyal and extremely sweet person. One of my favourites this game. I was debating between giving you or marieeve my 3 throughout the day. The reason why I ended up giving you a 3 and sparing marieeve was because you had other close allies: mark and sameed. By you leaving, I was lessening sameed and mark’s options.

matedog1209: We were not really close. I tried connecting with you but you just weren’t that active. Hence, the first time you touched the block, I did not hesitate to give you my 2/3.

ChynaDoll: I was trying to connect with you but you were not that receptive and by doing the math in my head, I knew you probably gave me a 3 at some point. You were also close to Mark so thats why you needed to leave. Take care of yourself.

sportsgeek12: You rubbed me the wrong way from the start. Some of your views were very iffy and I knew that I could not play with you at all this game. Hence, I united with Marie, Ashlyn and others to get you out the door.

kingcookie3904: You went up a lot during the initial rounds of this game and I kept you because there were bigger fish to fry (I.e. sportsgeek, thirteen, sarah48). However, I got scared of how other people were keeping you as well. I didn’t want you to become a perpetual pawn that I may potentially go up against and hence, I evicted you.

Thirteen: You are an interesting personality as always. Nothing against you but I just liked the other people in the house better at that point.

Savannahxo: Wanted you gone from the start. People like mark and sports were so adamant about keeping you in the game that it made me want to get rid of you more. Strategically, getting rid of you lessened mark and sport’s options of who to roll with in the future.

BrainJak: Have a good day :)

JamesLu:  I know how loyal you are in games and I wanted to work with you long-term. You just weren’t that active this game. I tried to keep you as long as I can but I knew you were going to leave because you did not make a lot of crucial connections

Sarah48: I played with you a couple of times before and I did not trust you at all. You were also apparently negging other people. So when people wanted your head on a spike, I did not stop them at all. I even gave them a little nudge.

Auxana707: Our only death lol

BostonRob_: hi?

I talked a lot about strategy but besides that, I enjoyed the game because I met a lot of people and go to know them in-depth. We talked about so many different things and I learned more about the game and importantly, life.

I wish to encounter almost all of you in the future

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