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  1. Ight lets do this
  2. What time is Stars enrollment?
  3. I think it’s time for another game of stars
  4. Thank you 45.1% of tengaged!
  5. Stars 455 FINALS VLOG!
  6. Post two game of thrones characters
  7. Thanks for saving me for 4th!
  8. Whose ready
  9. Yup im back up for 5th
  11. Does anyone else think
  12. Don't think I ever mentioned this (Pic)
  13. Is stars back to 6PM?
  14. How tf r their only 2 episodes of survivor left?
  15. how do you get your health up
  16. Um just saying
  17. I wonder...
  18. Tengaged Rainbow Snake
  19. Wait ok let me rephrase
  20. I literally hate
  21. What the fuck is Tvivor
  22. I'm teaching a class on survivor this weekend..
  23. whose someone
  24. How I could see next episode going [Survivor]
  25. whens stars now?
  26. When you return for stars >>>
  27. Oh btw im in montreal now
  28. Honestly
  29. We got a new game
  30. Stepped in to throw my opinion out there
  31. Whats a good survivor season
  32. WTF happened to my avi?
  34. So I told
  35. Why r u ignoring me girl
  36. When's stars 420
  37. Which a my nig nogs
  38. can someone explain to me
  39. I'm actually destroyed
  40. Id rather have an Idol than Anna

Post two game of thrones characters

Aug 5, 2017 by black0ut247
and ill tell you

1. Who would win in a fight
2. Who I like more
3. Who is better at playing "the game"

BengalBoy -Bronn & TheHound
Fight: TheHound Like: TheHound Game: Bronn

Violets - Brienne & Sansa
Fight: Brienne Like: Brienne Game: Sansa

Chemicalali - Arya & Cersei
Fight: Arya Like: Cersei Game: Cersei

Kaseyhope101 - Dany & Cersei
Fight: Cersei Like: Cersei Game: Cersei

Lemjam6 - Cersei & Tywin
Fight: Tywin Like: Tywin Game: Tywin

Insanity17 - Joffrey & Tommen
Fight: Joffrey Like: Joffrey Game: Joffrey


bronn vs the hound
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 5, 2017
brienne of tarth
Sent by Violets,Aug 5, 2017
Arya vs Cersei
Sent by Chemicalali,Aug 5, 2017
Danaerys & Cersei
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Aug 5, 2017
Cersei and Tywin
Sent by Lemjam6,Aug 5, 2017
Tommen vs Joffrey
Sent by Insanity17,Aug 5, 2017

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