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Tengaged Blood vs Water Episode #15

Mar 2, 2014 by bingo21
#Survivor Dominica - Loved Ones

At redemption island Mrlincoln2u loses the duel and is eliminated from the game becoming the 4th jury member.

DrPepsi wins the seventh individual immunity challenge.

One by one, everyone votes at Marigot's tribal council.

Hudspith receives 2 votes, Piddu receives 2 votes and Mloobs receives 1 vote. The castaways revote in an attempt to break the deadlock. In the revote Piddu receives 2 votes while Hudspith receives 1 vote meaning Piddu is sent to redemption island where he will face off against Tdogg1543 and Donosaurus_rex in the next RI Duel.

Marigot Tribe *Teal Buffs*
Hudspith (Berekua/Roseau)
Mloobs (Berekua/Roseau)
Cheerleader18 (Roseau/Berekua)
DrPepsi (Roseau/Berekua)

Redemption Island
Donosaurus_rex (Roseau/Berekua)
Tdogg1543 (Roseau/Roseau)
Piddu (Berekua/Berekua)

20th: Blondelle (Roseau) 1st/2nd Voted Out Lost 1st RI Duel
19th: TheOrphan82 (Roseau) 4th Voted Out Lost 2nd RI Duel
18th: DarkTyphoon23 (Roseau) 3rd Voted Out Lost 3rd RI Duel
17th: Rick__s58 (Berekua) 1st/2nd Voted Out Lost 4th RI Duel
16th: Missalice3 (Berekua) 7th Voted Out Lost 5th RI Duel
15th: Bingo21 (Roseau) 6th Voted Out Lost 6th RI Duel
14th: Peachessncream (Berekua/Roseau) 9th Voted Out Lost 7th RI Duel
13th: FeralArc (Berekua) 8th Voted Out Lost 10th RI Duel
12th: Ktig88 (Berekua) 5th Voted Out Lost 10th RI Duel
11th: Stoopkid95 (Berekua/Roseau/Marigot) 13th Voted Out Lost 11th RI Duel 1st Jury Member
10th: ShadowBaller000 (Roseau/Berekua/Marigot) 11th Voted Out Lost 12th RI Duel 2nd Jury Member
9th: Wmnji64 (Roseau/Roseau/Marigot) 15th Voted Out Lost 13th RI Duel 3rd Jury Member
8th: Mrlincoln2u (Berekua/Berekua/Marigot) 16th Voted Out Lost 14th RI Duel 4th Jury Member

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