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  1. Beep beep beep
  2. And you sir
  3. Bored
  4. Classes are so boring v.v
  5. I’m ugly and i’m proud
  6. I want a cock destroyer
  7. I want a cock destroyer
  8. Shut up it aint that serious
  9. I shoved a whole bag of sour gummy worms
  10. I CLING TO
  11. Dabs on them haters
  12. Did my blog that said nudes
  13. I have one thing to say
  14. And im happy
  15. Lana!
  16. Oh shes sweet but a psycho
  17. 365 by katy perry
  18. Lana!
  19. Nia jax and charlotte slayed royal rumble
  20. Imagine playing games
  21. Cackling
  22. Lana
  23. We been knew
  24. Valentina isn’t funny or talented
  25. Randomize be cackling to the bank
  26. Gift me from viv’s shop
  27. Silky nutmeg ganache wins
  28. I love it
  29. I dont respond to spam
  30. Sunstone is an ugly hoe
  31. Rainbow quartz 2.0is a twink
  32. Little Mix has some bops
  33. Imagine thinking
  34. Final Destination rp
  35. Sexy man
  36. The big reveal
  37. His dick smaller than my toes
  38. Imagine joining stars
  39. Ganja burn ganja burn ganja burn
  40. Wow does nobody ever

This bitch hates on me everyday

Sep 16, 2018 by bigdizzleyomama
image thumper91 is a mean bully of a girl and i won’t tolerate everyone sucking her tits anymore! Women get away with too much in this society! I SAY WE BURN HER AT THE STAKE LIKE THE WITCH SHE IS!


Sent by peace123,Sep 16, 2018
LMFAO get that bitch
Sent by Thumper91,Sep 16, 2018

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