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  1. Friends are not sheep
  2. Shuga cain snaps
  3. Oh i see
  4. Brooke candy
  5. Virgos outsold all of you
  6. Alma
  7. Big tits out for AOA
  8. Stan loona
  9. I’ve been waiting
  11. Take a break from games
  12. If this america’s next top model?
  13. Deadly class is a bop of a show
  14. Well this was a nice trolling session
  15. You made fun of my fav celebrity
  16. Remember
  17. Love my queen aubry
  18. There are very few good tengageders left
  19. Don’t do stupid bannable shit
  20. Some people
  21. Fight one on one.
  22. So we being selective
  23. Foot fetish
  24. Some people need lives
  25. Oh i missed my 6 year anniversary on the site
  26. Being racist is not cute
  27. Shuga cain snaps
  28. Danielle Reyes is the best big brother player..
  29. I’m a sunflower
  30. YoU’rE a ShEeP
  31. Make the bed squeak
  32. Opulance.
  33. Opulance.
  34. Opulance.
  35. Opulance
  36. Mozambique here.
  37. Some people need to sip
  38. We dont stan
  39. Why do the same people play frooks

I need a MAN

Jul 19, 2018 by bigdizzleyomama
Who is it step up

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