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  1. American horror story stream?
  2. Some of you fight just to fight
  4. I wasnt even antagonizing you!
  5. Stop being a fake!
  6. We love a bad admin
  7. Just notice how
  8. No whoever negged
  9. This bitch hates on me everyday
  10. Gift me asian eyes :3
  11. Happy birthday Krystal!!!!!
  12. Kenneth is a meninist racist homophobic
  13. Shut up
  14. Unfriended dark web is iconic
  15. You’re a porn star but you’re better than..
  16. Full of fiber
  17. Oh my god
  18. 2nd in hunger
  19. Hehe
  20. Stop this shit
  21. Jessica Lange
  22. Lauren mom
  23. That is just so sad
  24. Lesbians
  25. Hehehe
  26. America sucks
  27. America
  28. Henny gift
  29. I cant believe
  30. Honestly this is a king
  31. Judi Jai
  32. I’m friends with all yall
  33. Blowing shit up with homemade
  34. Jajajajaja
  35. Wow
  36. I love
  37. Toxic fake
  38. This is the stupidest thing i’ve ever read
  39. You ever just
  40. I challenge you

I don’t even know why I bother with survivor

Mar 7, 2018 by bigdizzleyomama
Someone boring or someone who has a sob story about how their dog had fucking kittens always wins and my faves never do good or get fucked over.


i was in military i scared of fire boohoo gimme dollars
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