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  1. Im getting a restraining order on
  2. I got the police on the phone
  4. Xxxtentacion is a dead woman beater
  5. Xxxtentacion is dead get over it
  6. Michelle and Bridgette
  7. Rosanna Colleen Nikita Safiya Manny Matpat
  8. Rosanna will win escape the night
  9. When will your faves Be Rosanna Pansino
  10. Escape the night season 3 today
  11. Its bad when
  12. If your fugly ass can have guns then
  13. X is Dead?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
  14. Lost in your light baby
  15. All i did
  16. Joanne
  17. See i dont hate you because of x
  18. Imagine comparing
  19. Youre a woman abuser
  20. I didnt know
  21. Stan Loona
  22. I know im shitty
  23. Im glad
  24. Rapists and woman abusers dont deserve rights
  25. Im still shaking
  26. Imagine defending a rapist woman beater
  27. I cant believe
  28. Blog
  29. When i see xxtentacion i floor it
  30. Legends never die
  31. Feminism and gay culture won today
  32. Im glad this event
  33. Is this retard
  34. Im glad
  35. Blackpink in my vagina?
  36. Im sorry
  37. Once again legends never die
  38. Legends never die
  39. Imagine wanting him to live
  40. Soundcloud rappers are sad

I don’t even know why I bother with survivor

Mar 7, 2018 by bigdizzleyomama
Someone boring or someone who has a sob story about how their dog had fucking kittens always wins and my faves never do good or get fucked over.


i was in military i scared of fire boohoo gimme dollars
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