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  1. *cackles*
  3. I’m going ham
  4. Winner
  5. Hoedown throwdown
  6. Hello
  7. I’m a loyal person
  8. Anyone play magic the gathering?
  9. Hello
  10. People seem to forget
  11. Wow
  12. Thank god
  13. People still can;t keep
  14. He could be the one.
  15. Yo yo yoey vote for zoey
  16. People just can’t keep my name out their mouths
  17. Negging doesn’t change that fact
  18. I don’t hack accounts thank you.
  19. Bang bang
  20. Lets kill this love
  21. Final 14 :o
  22. Sad_Cat_face
  23. Stan loona
  24. Goat yoga
  25. *hits crackpipe*
  26. The real tea is
  27. Also do not support
  28. I’m bored
  29. Smh end this sites misery
  30. Move to oovoo please
  31. I’m glad a tv star is getting joy
  32. I got threatened to be hacked in stars!
  33. Where is my stars support:(
  34. I’m gonna play hard in my stars
  35. At least i have the support that matters
  36. Im so happy for all my support thank you thank you
  37. Wow 600-700 ts spent to put me up
  38. What did i do dan what did i do!
  39. Frooks heres how it works?
  40. Who wants to be my loona alliance in stars

Kennedy Davenport wins rpdras3

Feb 16, 2018 by bigdizzleyomama

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