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  1. Imagine thinking
  2. I don’t even know why I try sometimes
  3. It sucks when you think you can trust someone
  4. JERIBETH is winning stars
  5. Daily reminder
  6. Marlakk back back back again?
  7. I’m back back back back back again
  8. We love and support talent
  9. Team kennedy and shangela
  10. Imagine being a weird freak of nature
  11. I stan
  12. Kennedy <3
  13. Some people just don’t understand the talent
  14. youll be laughing real hard when im a millionare
  15. Fake rpdr fans
  16. Under candlelight we can wine and dine!
  17. Slash e dance2
  18. RasCity61.1%
  19. The hero won in the pollbox
  20. Tbh
  21. Tengaged Drag Race Epi 1 Spoilers
  22. Who has me added!
  23. I don’t even know why I bother with survivor
  24. If Morgan goes
  25. Notice how
  26. Wow roblox egg hunt soon!
  27. OwO
  28. Go to bed brian fag
  29. You know who I hate
  30. Flirting tips by bigdizzleyomama
  31. Love you dad you’re my #1
  32. Face off 3 is such a great season
  33. Charity slayed
  34. I’m so tired of hot and not
  35. I Stan by talent
  36. Zwoop has 0 good minigames
  37. King
  38. Join hunger!
  39. I’m ready for
  40. I’m sorry but

Kennedy Davenport wins rpdras3

Feb 16, 2018 by bigdizzleyomama

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