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  1. Sam is a true queen
  2. Vote me
  3. I feel relevant
  4. I’ve tried coping with it
  5. Dont let me drown drown drown
  6. God keep my head above water
  7. Hippos are the best animal
  8. Gift me wally
  9. Maggie Ausburn is the best bb winner
  10. I’ve been chasing highs
  11. For Rue
  12. Gift me
  13. Gift me
  14. American horror story stream?
  15. Some of you fight just to fight
  17. I wasnt even antagonizing you!
  18. Stop being a fake!
  19. We love a bad admin
  20. Just notice how
  21. No whoever negged
  22. This bitch hates on me everyday
  23. Gift me asian eyes :3
  24. Happy birthday Krystal!!!!!
  25. Kenneth is a meninist racist homophobic
  26. Shut up
  27. Unfriended dark web is iconic
  28. You’re a porn star but you’re better than..
  29. Full of fiber
  30. Oh my god
  31. 2nd in hunger
  32. Hehe
  33. Stop this shit
  34. Jessica Lange
  35. Lauren mom
  36. That is just so sad
  37. Lesbians
  38. Hehehe
  39. America sucks
  40. America

Stars is a waste of time

Feb 15, 2018 by bigdizzleyomama
You spend 300ts for a 100ts profit when you can spend 20 on hunger and make a 280 ts profit lmfao


The payouts have never made sense to me.
Sent by Danger,Feb 15, 2018
yeah no sense, it's just fun
Sent by Sparky4444,Feb 15, 2018

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