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  1. Antm made me mad
  2. I’m bad at love
  3. Pull me close baby
  4. Imagine
  5. While I, Liy, am pressed. And I’m impressed.
  6. Why would anyone
  7. Gift me hair from ween’s
  8. We love an icon
  9. Heroes and thieves at my door
  10. Such an underrated gif on my profile
  11. Cause when I’m kissing you
  12. Veganism cured my cancer
  13. People sleep on talent
  14. The fakeness
  15. I don’t get why the pixel means so much
  16. Exposing a toxic fake
  17. Giftme pikachu
  18. Oh please ru I need pikachu
  19. When my professor
  20. Cbbus rankings
  21. Kennedy Davenport wins rpdras3
  22. Stars is a waste of time
  23. Run fast for your mother
  25. Daily reminder
  26. Wow I’m so cool I smoke weed XDDDDdDdDDDdD
  27. Top chef this season sucks
  28. Christina wins antm
  29. Why you bending over to minors creep!
  30. Halloween quitting tengaged?
  31. Never have a shop again
  32. If I live to see 7 wonders
  33. Dami I’m
  34. Marissa is winning
  35. I have a big fat lesbian crush on you
  36. You’re faded and old
  37. I mean he didnt lie
  38. That green light i want it
  39. Oh you might not like me!
  40. What’s a log out button.

I wasn’t even shading anyone I’m sad

Jan 20, 2018 by bigdizzleyomama


ya u tried it
Sent by baileyboy1,Jan 20, 2018
baileyboy1 tried what lol
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,Jan 20, 2018

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