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Why do people make it seem

Jan 19, 2018 by bigdizzleyomama
As if mathboy9 used fucking witchcraft to get a password lmfao


Sent by gagaluv,Jan 19, 2018
Sent by mathboy9,Jan 19, 2018
Because he did *screams*
Sent by KateN7766,Jan 19, 2018
lmao who even said it was mathboy9
Sent by me2013,Jan 19, 2018
I love this new you me2013 calling bitches out left and right
Sent by gagaluv,Jan 19, 2018
me2013 you literally had called out Adam and Dylan for doing this 2 days ago and have been on about it since
Sent by bigdizzleyomama,Jan 19, 2018
gagaluv Ikr hmmm I guess when they fuck with someone I care about....
Sent by me2013,Jan 19, 2018
Actually - NO I called out Pacman/Ametrine and Halloween for stealing an account and playing STARS with it.... and for trying to blackmail FireX to get it back.
Sent by me2013,Jan 19, 2018

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