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  1. It isnt hard to not give out your password
  2. Its not hacking if you give away the password
  3. Am I racist if I’ve never been attracted
  5. Everytime I see
  6. Melissa was robbed fuck the challenge
  7. Bitch you act 5
  8. I love harming myself for attention
  9. I just don’t know how
  10. I’m a hot girl and I want gifts
  11. Gift me Asian eyes!
  13. Lucky for you
  14. Katie Doyle is the best
  15. Coming out
  16. Is it bad
  17. Gift me blonde Nicole!
  18. Why is vansreborn such a fag?
  19. Why is it when I’m 200 pounds
  20. The site does this everytime in january
  21. Y’all so annoying
  22. Wow that blonde Nicole would look so good on me!
  23. The people who complain
  24. Gift me blonde Nicole
  25. I’m bored
  26. Gift me blonde hair from ween’s
  27. Regina is the best villain ever
  28. Gift me boho chic
  29. When are apps for bamold sheep coming out?
  30. Gift me boho chic!
  31. I’m mcbored
  32. I would say this blog is perfect
  33. Don’t hide in the dark
  34. Friends is an annoying show
  35. Ok Hell’s kitchen sucks
  36. The Haus of Beth bice
  37. Tag a weirdo who needs a life!
  38. Don’t let this be our final song
  39. Foxes needs a new album
  40. No wonder

Oh god

Jan 1, 2018 by bigdizzleyomama
My dream is one day justme gagaluv and owlb0ned all blindfold me and strip me. They take me in a car and we drive for a while as they whisper sexily in my ear. When we get out of the car they leave me naked in the desert call me a fat no life loser and drive off playing Charli XCX as I cry and throw myself onto a cactus till I die.


got the key can u unlock it
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