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  1. I wasn’t even shading anyone I’m sad
  2. Me when I get on tbb3
  3. Gift me from ween’s shop!
  4. Lucky for you
  5. :)
  6. Love my kings
  7. Mhmmmmmmm
  8. My avi is cuter
  9. Ew dont copy me weirdos
  10. Account under new management
  11. Gift me white and blue sweater my dream design!
  12. Me giving my password to 6 people
  13. The people acting as if
  14. How is half of tengaged gonna have your password
  15. Why do people make it seem
  16. I’m sorry but
  17. Rant coming up
  18. Who has 430ts and wants to make a deal
  19. Lucky for you I got all these daddy issues
  20. Tbh I don’t mean to be a douche but
  21. Ian from shameless is so cute 😍
  23. I’m the red level
  24. He’s so mean to me
  25. My sex story
  26. At the end of the day
  27. Hacking
  28. It isnt hard to not give out your password
  29. Its not hacking if you give away the password
  30. Am I racist if I’ve never been attracted
  32. Everytime I see
  33. Melissa was robbed fuck the challenge
  34. Bitch you act 5
  35. I love harming myself for attention
  36. I just don’t know how
  37. I’m a hot girl and I want gifts
  38. Gift me Asian eyes!
  40. Lucky for you

Fuck off

Dec 31, 2017 by bigdizzleyomama
imageThough I must concede, I expected no less from _Aria than to be rallying votes for her gay Tengaged Awards shit like the loner he is. My new years resolution is to find a way to raise enough money for psychiatric help, so that you and Icing would stop having to genderfake on an online site for attention. I mean, I dont think ANYONE actually believes you 2 are hot girls irl named "Candy and Aria". Your excessive obsession with female online designs might make up for the fact that you could never dress as a woman IRL. And I may be being a bit hypocritical here, but at least I dont have to hide the fact that I'm a guy so that people here would like me! The time you spend tucking your penis in your ass & pretending to have a vagina infront of a mirror COULD be used to getting you serious fucking help to fix the homosexuality that has taken over your mind. Happy fucking new year!
Btw jesus doesnt let you bring your tengaged designs into hell with you, BITCH!

Sent by _Aria,Dec 31, 2017

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