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PYN for short opinion and favorite memory (need another excuse not to study)

6thDec 13, 2018 by bigbrotherlover7
Hit me

thumper91 there wouldn't be any specific moment. Just talking all the time. You are a very kind person and probably most popular person on this site!

itsalexia bruh idk why i get you confused with other people. Youve always been chill to me, we should talk sometime
sam_hamwich fav tengaged moment has to be our first hunger. we slayed. Irl im sorry its not coup. gotta go with our slaying of pong.
cfff frick favorite moment is hard. probably just being on call fucking around together. you're a great dude we need to catch up soon
pureessence probably some hunger we did together? youre such a sweet girl i miss you and hope life is going well.
danny12 we dont really have any memories together, but you are funny as shit. Get too much hate IMO.
bengalboy favorite memory is probably just our talks in the chat. You are one funny dude, and everyone seems to love you. and the panties drop at the sight of you
owlb0ned a very down to earth, kind soul. I am very jealous of all your org meet ups!
coreyants probably playing stars together. you are chill and loyal!
ghrocky100 hmm honestly dont really know
semajdude favorite memory is you backstabbing me in stars and lying about it. honestly, idk how youre popular you are trash
s73100 loyal mormon king. honestly when you stood up for me is my fav moment
temponeptune our stars together. twas a blast, you are a great gameplayer


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also if its not the time i won coup without looking at my cards once then ur lying
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Jess bigbrotherlover7
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