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First Tengaged Meetup - Soccerismylif3

3rdMay 14, 2018 by bigbrotherlover7
image soccerismylif3
Hey guys! So as some of you who have me on social media know, I recently had a trip to Las Vegas. I just turned 21 (thanks for the select few who said happy birthday) and it was my parents gift to me to take me to Vegas. So long story short I low key am addicted to playing poker (I played 18 hours in a few days lmao) and actually made 300 dollars! Okay so I’ll get to the point. I was scrolling through Instagram on Saturday morning (I arrived Friday) and I came across a photo of giuli (soccerismylif3) and I saw out of the corner of my eye while closing the app that the location said Vegas. I immediately texted her, asking if this was true. She said she was still in Vegas, and that her hotel was a 2 minute walk away from me. She was in Vegas with her boyfriend because his frat was having a formal there. Thankfully, we set up a time to meet at the Starbucks near her hotel.

I had “known” giuli for what like 6 years? 4-5 years ago we used to be really close and talk almost every day. But as you guys know people driftabd things change. Anyway, for whatever reason I was kinda nervous meeting her.

So I get to the crosswalk and she waves to me and as I’m crossing the street I low key tripped on the curb LOL (I’m not sure she saw I really hope not). We then decided to walk along the Vegas strip, and we just started talking about life. We made our way to the Bellagio hotel, and walked around (and got lost) in there for a bit. We talked about a bunch of topics, school, relationships, basically everything. The Bellagio has this "show" every 15 minutes which the water fountain goes off which was kind of cool.

Of course the topic of Tengaged cams up, how could it not. She told me that she’d texted etaco75 (she went to hs with him) and asked him if he remembered me. Thankfully Evan did remember, as I’d hope, because I certainly know him hahah. Anyways she told me that he was actually going to meet up with dusty12910 and danielkennedy111 . I was incredibly jealous, because i am very close to Daniel! And I consider dusty and Evan to be friends as well, but not as close (sorry guys love Daniel). We then talked about how Tengaged kind of sucks now, and how when she periodically logs on she doesn’t even know the users on the blogs page. We discussed who we kept in touch with and she said she still talks to insanity who then she enlightened me was kizzi brother. Mind blown. Of course I had to bring you up cfff with the topic of kizzi lol. A few other people we briefly talked about like totaldramalover1234 <3 maturo andrewweltner bamold1999 and a few others.

Anyways it was a really good time just walking around Vegas with her and hopefully we can meet up sometime when she’s 21 lol. Thanks if you took the time to read this i know it was long and I rambled.

This pic is us in front of my hotel the Venetian!

edit: if someone can help me turn the pic the right way that be appreciated lol



bigbrotherlover7 , I am glad I was brought up! When is our meet up?
Sent by cfff,May 14, 2018
cfff whenever you want it to be buddy
Sent by bigbrotherlover7,May 14, 2018
Sent by TaraG,May 14, 2018
omg love giuli!!
Sent by tyleror,May 14, 2018
why is this a college essay
Sent by NotNicky333,May 14, 2018
Sent by maturo,May 14, 2018
ugh we love a good tcouple
Sent by s73100,May 14, 2018
I thoug that was your TG gf back in the day? Nice to see bro. Read he whole thing. Hope you're doing well :)
Sent by Tyler93,May 14, 2018
Haha glad you had fun man!
Sent by TotalDramaLover1234,May 14, 2018
I remember that queen
Sent by MarieTori,May 14, 2018
Good for you! I have enjoyed meeting people from Tengaged in person!
Sent by Diva1,May 14, 2018
diva1 ah the iconic diva commented on my blog! Thank you :)
Sent by bigbrotherlover7,May 14, 2018
You’re welcome bigbrotherlover7 :)
Sent by Diva1,May 15, 2018
bro I should've known it was your bday if I didn't say happy bday. But damn I thought you and her knew each other before she joined tg!!!
Sent by KrisStory,May 15, 2018
Aww how sweet
Sent by jakehou97,May 15, 2018
Sent by Insanity,May 16, 2018

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