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PYN for an honest opinion

5thMar 20, 2018 by bigbrotherlover7
havent done one in forever

#s73100 Sam, you get a lot of shit sometimes, but you are a really good guy. We have had some issues with trust in stars and lab survivor, but these small encounters do not taint my opinion of you. you are a very nice guy and i love talking to you!
#ashleybabyx3 I am pretty broke lol i have been logged off awhile sorry. good luck!
#bengalboy without a doubt, one of my favorite people on this site. If i could pick anyone to play a game with, honestly it would be you. I would love to see your gameplay and just genuinely enjoy you as a person. You are honestly too funny and too cool of a guy for this place haha but i appreciate all the love you give to people, you're a good lad
#bigbrotherdonny although we havent had too many deep conversations, you are very loyal and i could always trust you!
#jayglezst I haven't had too many interactions with you, but from what I know you are a beast at frookies. i dont think we have played a game in years.
#finklestein123 if my memory serves me correctly, you've been here awhile. i think you are an iconic old school tengager, who has been pretty quiet as of late. I don't know too much about you, but have never heard a negative thing about ya
#notafraid GABBIE!!! one of the kind hearted. I love playing stars with you, we always stayed loyal to each other and i enjoyed the conversations that we had. I am so so happy to hear that you have been doing well this year. I watched you compete on the tengaged game and i believe you won?? SLAY! hope all is well :)
#totstrashy honestly i think i used to think you were crazy and immature but that was like 4 years ago lol the recent interaction we had was great and i think we somehow have mutual irl friends?? small world but i like you now haha
#iybf probably the only person who has hurt me in years on this site. I started caring about games significantly less thankfully like 3 years ago, but a stupid skype game somehow hurt me a lot. I like you a lot man, and forgive you, but i honestly trusted you with my everything. I miss our late nate calls, and hope that somehow we can get back to that.... we got really fucking close man and i hope we can get there again. love ya anthony
#brainjak I think we have played a few hungers together, and you seem like a nice guy. sorry for skipping you, didnt mean to!
#halloween ohhhhhh dylan i have a lot i could say about you. I used to dislike you sooo much. the power that some kid a few years ago could have over me is actually so comical. I am not sure what started beef that lasted for a few years, but man i hated it. recently even if we were opposite sides of games, i honestly respected the rivalry. we played some skype game where we both kept getting Hohs and putting each other up and it was kind of iconic. Ive heard youve matured and chilled out a bit, and I am glad to hear it. I hope you are doing well in college and i no longer harbor and hatred towards you!!! hope youre thriving
coreyants wow hey we have not spoken in forever.... we used to be pretty tight and would flop in some stars together. youre a nice guy and i know you were in a rough patch for awhile hopefully youve recovered.
eliortiz1234 i thought you and ess logged off like 6 months ago!! youre a cool dude, we have never had any beef but also have never been like really tight. i hope yall are still dating you are iconic
mathboy9  adam, you are a nice kid. If we ever went against each other it was simply because we ended up on opposite sides because of our opposing friend groups, but i truly do like you. you are loyal to your close friends and i respect that. I hope school and everything is well!
jessem you have always been kind to me, we used to mail back in the days. you are a very good stars player.  I have heard of some drama and rumors surrounding you, i hope they arent true.
thumper91 holy shit we used to be soooo tight. the world is in love with you and i would honestly get jealous cuz i felt like i didnt mean much to you LMAO. you are such a sweetheart and i miss ya
cfff makes me sad we have drifted a bit. my fav person to call with!!! we used to just sit on calls and literally talk about like nothing but it was a good time. i hope we can catch up like we said we would! and meet up at some point ;)
brxan i seriously do not understand the hate...... idk why people dont like you. we have always been friends and respected each other in games. you deserve better friends and im sorry people dont treat you well
XxLoveWakizaxX you slay everyone in frooks. we have worked together, and also gone against each other. dont really know how you feel about me but i respect you
nicolef you have a rep as a nice person, i dont really know much about you though
deeannamorgan aghhhhhhhhhhh mixed feelings. i feel like we have hurt each other, but at the end of the day realize they are just stupid games and we should just be friends and realize what is important. I am sorry that we have hurt each other, i hope we are good
mastropola kindly fuck off
notnicky333 we may give each other shit sometimes, but at the end of the day we are team loyal and good friends <3
misterpredaa Marcus!! i am so so glad we meet. you are a funny, loyal, nice guy and i want to get to know you more
dandoe i believe we meet in stars, you are a very genuine person and i have always enjoyed our convos!
Sam_Hamwich Evan, we have had our fair share of ups and downs, but at the end of the day i love you bro. I am sorry we have had our differences, and that I couldn't give you enough of my time when I was still playing games actively on this site. I hope you understand that I truly do care and appreciate all the times we have had!! i love you man and hope we can meet up.... soon.
hwest14 Houston, you are the kindest and most loyal person on this site. We have stuck up for each other on this site before and it has meant to the world to me. You are such a nice guy and I have literally told my irl friends how down to earth you are. I think we would get along so well in person. i love you, keep being you.
amf7410 we used to be friends a few years ago, and worked pretty well together. did we have some stupid hg fallout i cant remember??
princessteepee alicia!! you are such a sweetheart. Our stars was truly one of my favorites simply because you were in it. we need to catch up sometime i miss you!
typhlosion37 ryan you are a nice dude, i actually thought youd quit this site forever ago. good to see you back. never had any beef with ya
@scooby000 honestly i am not a fan of you. i liked you and wanted to work with you in stars and you lied to my face and tried to get me out. i told you you couldnt trust the people you were working with and you lost because of it. bad player and rude to me.
eliserose QUEEN ELISE! what a truly amazing human. I cannot wait to meet you. you are such a sweet, caring, loyal person. You mean so much to me and I am so blessed to have you in my life :)
KatherinePierce i dont really know you  but i love your avi!
florina we played stars together right? if you are who i think you turned on me but i loveddd talking to you and we made up quickly
C00LDUDE1000 ben you are a nice guy and all, i dont love that you have a million multis apparently but it happens. youre a class act
amnesia_ i dont know you hmu if you wanna change that!
question we go wayyyy back. i think you screwed me in a hg our last time?? w.e though haha. i like you :D
zinger i feel like you havent played as much in recent years/months. you dont really make too many waves and stay out of drama i respect that
wwemrpeeps i remember deadass like 5 years ago i worshipped you so hard. you won some insane amount of crookies back to back and id always bet on you. we played a stars together and you nominated me, so i nominated you back. you never got over that and like hate me now. i dont have any beef with you so i hope you get over it...
gabrieltrezza you have always had my back and i appreciate that. you are a nice kid and i wish you were on the site when i still cared about games and did well lol
tennisplayer963 BEST BUD!! or so i thought! i saw you caption that when you were with a friend the other smh the betrayal. nah im just playing. we meet in the lab survivor and just INSTANTLY connected. i trust you 100 percent and with my life man. there are so few people i can say that about. thank you for always helping me i hope i treat you well.


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