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♥Evan | Sam_Hamwich♥

5thAug 29, 2017 by bigbrotherlover7
and what we would do irl

m7md26 yes.
we would go mini golfing and youd get your ass kicked
s73100 we would go to an amusement park with kingb24 and you would make inappropriate jokes but it would be fun
calebdaboss we would just chill and watch survivor
@frozenshadow09 hmmm i dont know you that well on a personnel level tbh. we would play frooks together in the same room LOL
bamold1999 we would go clubbing and get drunk with xbac5
thumper91 we would hang out with the lab of course and do hoodrat shit!
koolness234 we would go to a comedy club and i would make you go up and make everyone die of laugher
scooby0000 we would go to the zoo!
bambino we would just play some board games
goodkaren we would do some volunteer work, maybe with animals? you are a v nice person so
gaiaphagee we would get turnt and just chill bumping some music
eliserose me you and andrewweltner would  just do a bunch of fun shit. go to haunted houses and roads, TP tengagers houses who we dont like, and just drive around windows down blaring music
andrewweltner ugh there is so much I'd wanna do. Maybe see a pro soccer game and then hang out with your friends
xbac5 I already said w Tyler!!!!
ohheydudeski we would just people watch and make jokes
bengalboy pretty sure you are the alpha male in our friendship so you choose
sam_hamwich uh is this a question cedar point
hwest14 tailgate and then see an alabama football game
shellbelle we would go with some pals to the local fair!
gabrieltrezza we would go to a sporting event and drink some beers
darbe idk you well so whatever you are feeling im down for
dakotacoons we would just go to the mall and get some cheescake from the cheescake factory ya feel


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bigbrotherlover7 do me
Sent by Gaiaphagee,Aug 29, 2017
Sent by eliserose,Aug 29, 2017
damn i wanted to tp houses with you elise and andrew
Sent by Gaiaphagee,Aug 29, 2017
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Michelle ❤❤
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ME bigbrotherlover7
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Me and give me a real answer not a no cuz u hate me and ur trying to b funny cuz its not
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Me bigbrotherlover7
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