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  1. fuck anxiety
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  37. ♥Justin | Stunzer♥
  38. ♥Dru | Bengalboy♥
  39. ♥Andrew | Andrewweltner♥
  40. ♥Brian | Cfff♥

♥Dakota | Dakotacoons♥

9thAug 8, 2017 by bigbrotherlover7
Sorry I am not original
bengalboy Charismatic, funny, and nice. wish we were tight. oh and slay survivor
arris popular and kinda fake tbh u lied to me in stars :( we are friends now though!
insanity17 woah i havent seen you in 5 years i dont even remember haha i guess relevant? i knew who you were
m7md26 LOYAL! we slayed survivor together
mickiejames22 i dont know you! so i guess this is my first impression. I am intrigued as to what inspired your username
goodkaren really sweet! i dont know you too well though :/
eliserose LOYAL AND A VICTIM. FRICK THAT STARS CAST. and nice. i kinda got jealous u were taking andrew away from me :(
_Tanner fun /fun to talk to
ethan000 smart
Ncklpagano competitive AF
fedebenna good KPG
allieboballie i liked your avi, i actually have no idea what you are like as a person though
Michellewilliams sneaky, i dont think you liked me in our first encounter haha
robozoe how do i phrase this ummmmm it seems like you seek out lovers


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