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For every 30 points ill tag a tengager i looked up to

15thOct 15, 2016 by bigbrotherlover7
stolen from arris but i like the idea
30- vh1luvr15 I meet him in my first ever stars. I honestly think, and still think, he was cool as fuck. One of those people you are so confused as to why they are even on tengaged. I sheeped him so hard. Honestly loved getting to know him and the late night calls with him. Great guy.

60- bamold1999 Tyler I used to actually be REALLY close to each other. I remember meeting him in a PGA Chat and i thought he was just really cool. A really nice guy, and a challenge GOD. i was even his #1 friend for months, i felt relevant back then lmao. But looked up to him not only as a challenge player, but a person in general.

90- thumper91 I think this one is self explanatory. Lauren is such a kind hearted person, and even humble. I remember her telling me she didnt think she would win stars. LOL. she joins everyones charities and makes the world a better place.

120- skyler1822 Again, everybody loves skyler. She is just so down to earth. we used to also be pretty close. We have had some great heart to hearts. Even though we don't talk, I know we will always be good friends. I can't wait to see all she accomplishes in life she will be so successful. We have had our ups and downs but you will always be a role model to me and others

ALSO EXTRA soccerismylif3 giuli is such a sweet girl but i doubt most of you know her


Do you love me?
Sent by FrozenShadow09,Oct 15, 2016
I better be mentioned:)
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Vh1 is cool af tbh
Sent by cswaggerr,Oct 15, 2016
where am i
Sent by Lemjam6,Oct 15, 2016
shocked that I was tagged since we don't really talk anymore but thanks bryce bigbrotherlover7
Sent by skyler1822,Oct 15, 2016

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