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Season 1: Survivor - First Boot Isles [Bransteele]

Mar 14, 2020 by bigben1996
So, with the "Corona-virus" taking me out of work for the next month and a half.  I decided out of pure boredom to host a brantsteele regarding the "first boots" throughout the years of BigBen Survivor (First & Second Generation).  I was extremely lazy so I didn't edit photos of the players and used the David vs. Goliath format.

Survivor - First Boot Isles

20th: Ethan ( Ethan000) (9-1) [Goliath] #China
19th: Jon ( xRAIN_shooter) (8-2) [David] #England
18th: Siv ( Whoa) (5-4) [Goliath] #Barbados
17th: Leanna ( LEANNA) [Goliath] (5-3) #Caribbean
*Tribe Swap*
16th: Barbra ( BarbraStreisand) [Goliath/Vuku] (3-1-1) #Estonia
15th: Luther ( Reality_warped) [Goliath/Vuku] (4-1) #Madagascar
14th: Pearl ( Yaxha) [David/Jabeni] (3-1-1) #Iceland
13th: Sam ( sssp123) [David/Vuku/KaloKalo] (7-6) #Nepal *1st Member of the Jury*
12th: Natalie ( OhNatalie) [Goliath/Jabeni/KaloKalo] (Quit) #AllStars2 *2nd Member of the Jury*
11th: Josh ( Joshbb17) [Goliath/Tiva/KaloKalo] (7-4) #Nigeria *3rd Member of the Jury*
10th: Jayson ( BBLover96) [Goliath/Jabeni/KaloKalo] (6(0)-4) #Israel *4th Member of the Jury*
9th: Ruben ( Cole91) [Goliath/Tiva/KaloKalo] (8-1) #AllWinners *5th Member of the Jury*
8th: Sarah ( Sarah48) [Goliath/Tiva/KaloKalo] (5-3) #Greece *6th Member of the Jury*
7th: Andrew ( DallasAndrew) [David/Tiva/KaloKalo] (Medically Evacuated) #Bali *7th Member of the Jury*
6th: Ryan ( KidA) [David/Jabeni/KaloKalo] (3-2-1) #Macedonia *8th Member of the Jury*
5th: Kelly ( Kelly0412) [David/Tiva/KaloKalo] (4-1(0)) #Jordan/#HvV *9th Member of the Jury*
4th: Mark ( piesyumyyumypies) [David/Jabeni/KaloKalo] (Lost FMC) #Nicaragua *10th Member of the Jury*
*Final Tribal*
Co-Runner Up: Julian ( TheSexiestDude990) [David/Vuku/KaloKalo] (Received 3 votes to win) #Jamaica
Co-Runner Up: Amanda ( domarco13) [David/Vuku/KaloKalo] (Received 3 votes to win) #Hawaii
Sole Survivor: Chris ( Chris1080) [David/Vuku/KaloKalo] (Received 4 votes to win) #SriLanka


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