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  1. Happy birthday, Lee/CrimsonEnnui! ♥♥
  2. Turned the big 2-6 today :)
  3. Happy birthday, Anastasia! ❤❤❤
  4. JBLA Survivor s38 Draft
  5. Happy birthday best friend aka Jonah! ♥ :D
  6. Happy birthday, Officer Lee Crimson! ♥♥♥
  7. Happy 25th birthday to me! :D
  8. ♥♥Happy birthday, Miss Anastasia! ♥♥
  9. ♥♥Happy birthday, king Jonah! ♥♥
  10. Jonah/1001games 🦁❤️🏈
  11. Lee/CrimsonEnnui 🐱🖤
  12. Chris/C_Shizz96 💁🏼💕
  13. Blake/Rainbowking 👓💞
  14. Dan/awesome2210 💅💃🏻
  15. Colton/Tryandbeatme16 😝☺️
  16. Billy/Rocketokid13 🇦🇺😒
  17. Caleb/TotalDramaLover1234 ✌🏻☀️
  18. Jordan/MAS10 ♥♥

Happy birthday, Lee/CrimsonEnnui! ♥♥

1stJun 12, 2019 by beccajo16
I know technically it isn't your birthday in PST but it is in EST BABY! Here are all your friends wishing you the best 19th! crimsonennui

“Lee Jarret Weston Crimson Montgomery Ennui! It’s your 19th birthday and we have all come together to wish you the best birthday ever! But I’m first! Lee, I met you when you were just 15 years old. Did I think the day of that call I would inherit an immature and extra ass little brother? No, but I did and I wouldn’t change it for the world. You grind my gears sometimes but at the end of the day we always Makeup and love each other. When I met you, you were this immature child, but I’ve got to see you grow out of that and grow up. That alone is a blessing. You are a hilarious human being and care so much for your friends. You would fight anyone that attacked them. You’ve had my back in ways some haven’t and I will always thank you for that. Happy birthday, Lee! I love you very much and I hope this day is the best!” - beccajo16

“HAPPPY BIRTHDAY LEE!!!! I can’t believe you’re 19 years old when you act like a child sometimes jk I love you to pieces you’re so funny and such a great person you deserve the best year ever :)” thumper91

“LEEE KING! Happy birthday! i remember when you were just a wee little lee. So grateful to still be your friend in 2019! You've always been such a loyal friend and always taken the time to continue to talk to me! Hope you have an amazing birthday, drink it up, smoke it up, whatever!!!! have a great day, lots of love! xoxo muah” brandt69

"Lee I absolutely love you soooo much whether it comes to you obsessing over Jade, sending pics of your iconic maps to your snapchat streaks, playing any game with you, or when you have your extremely funny petty moments. I knew we would be friends from the moment you reached out to me the day intro videos were released for YTS 6, and we both had top support of each other in our games. You are soooo much fun to talk to, and you always put a smile on my face whenever we do speak to each other. You are such a supportive and awesome friend. I hope you have an amazing nasty 19 and enjoy your day!!! Love, Grace. (sparklingheart)” pinkiepie512

“Well look at that! Happy birthday mamma, you made it to 19! I hope today is the best day of the year for you, hun. Thanks for always being unapologetically you, and for never hiding it for the sake of others. Love you <3” mradamman12

“Happy birthday dude <3 I have a blast on our calls and I appreciate you and I'm looking forward to seeing us evolve in our lives. Remember not to trust Willie Pork and always have an escape route.” ItsAustin

“Lee, we’ve definitely had our ups and downs over the years, but at the end of the day, we always make up and are still friends. I hope you have an amazing birthday and keep thriving! Happy Birthday!” Daulton7996

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY JU-LEE CHEN! ISSA GOOD WEEK!!! I hope you have a lovely day and get spoiled rotten!!!! love u!! xoxox” PureEssence

“Happy Birthday Ms. Porkster. Love you lots!!” yoshicoolman

“Lee-Crimson-Jade-Ennui, Happy birthday bitchh! We haven't talked that much in the recent but you're still one of my favorite people on this website! Ilysm, and I hope you have an amazing birthday! Next time we're in Salem together we best be the witches cause we'll Pole Vault over those bitches!” Stunzer

“Happy birthday Lee boo!!! I hope you have an amazing one <3 We've gone through so much together and I hope we remain good pals forever! Love ya xoxoxo ❤️” RedFabFoxy

“Hey buddy last year of teens! Always love chilling with you in games you’re a loyal king and just overall a great guy hope you have a good one buddy” kwiens18

“Hello Lee! It's been a little while, but it's so crazy that we met when we were 14 and 15. Playing stars is a blast and so is always talking to you. Message me on skype. x” rory17

“Happy Birthday Lee!! I hope you have a great day! You are super hilarious and just really fun to talk to. You prove time after time how loyal you can be when we play games together. Hopefully we can talk more and once again enjoy your day!” cfff

“Lee is such a king. We haven't been close lately but I know he is such a gentleman and he snaps me the odd time so I know he's a babe <3” iiVoloxity

“Happy birthday lee! It was so fun dating you for 8 months omg what a whirlwind romance! I’m glad we are friends now let’s just not play any games together cuz that’s toxic and obviously let’s never date again cuz that’s toxic and also because I’m in love with the man I stole from u but it’s fine because now we r all thriving together and absolutely killing it alright happy birthday I love u crimson” alanb1

Uh oh!! Back again! Someone is turning the big 19 today! Happy Birthday best friend! You are a light in my life as well as everyone else’s you meet! I can’t believe we have been talking everyday for the past 5 years! Many more years to come and many more memories to share! To think, we met when I ruined your orange level frookies charity and when I was in my prime on tengaged and being a boss bitch with NO ONE HAS A CHARITY FOR ORANGE LEVEL! XD and here we are now! I absolutely love and adore us calling almost every night and playing roblox with Lauren, curve fever with Austin, game night with Becca and Jonah, town of salem with Daulton and Hannah, and recently EpicMafia, I enjoy every minute of it! I love us fake fighting almost constantly and sometimes both of us taking it seriously! You are my little brother I’ve always wanted and I’m so happy to have found you and us have become so close! I hope you enjoy your birthday today, I hope it’s amazing as you are always, I hope it’s Jade, Mileena, Skarlet, Kitana, Sindel, Frost, Sheeva, Tanya, Jacqui, Sonya, Nitara, Ashrah, Cece Cassie Cage, D’Vorah, Cetrion, Li Mei, Kira, and Kronika filled also! June 12th will forever be marked in history as one of the best days on the planet and it’s all because its your special day! I love you so much! Enjoy every minute of it, you fucking bitch! <3 C_Shizz96

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE! I'm so glad that  we have gotten to get to know each other this past year or two! Between stars and watching you almost get to the end of 1984, we've had some great times! Hope this year is even better than the last! Happy 19th! :)” M_Davis1998

“Hey Lee I love u soooo frickin much yee haw 🤠 you've been a great friend to me and you make me laugh all the time. Love u, u converted me to Jadeism so I stan, ur a legend and one of my faves on here. Hope u have an amazing bday!” peace123

“Happy birthday Lee! 3 years ago I would never expect us to be friends considering I hated your guts when I first joined the site.  I’m glad we are friends now and having our weekly game nights. You always bring the drama and entertainment to our BrantSteeles. Enjoy being 19! 2 more years till you’re a real adult! Yeehaw!” 1001games


Sent by C_Shizz96,Jun 12, 2019
Love him!!
Sent by Colter,Jun 12, 2019
Im gonna cry omg 😥😥😥
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Jun 12, 2019
Happy yeehaw birthday to BenDeLeeCrim!
Sent by GrrrImABear,Jun 12, 2019
Sent by peace123,Jun 12, 2019
Love u Officer Lee 👮‍♀️ xo
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Jun 12, 2019
Me @ Not being asked.
Sent by RaverKid,Jun 12, 2019
I thought I still had time to do mine fml

LEE ILYSM <3333333 you are one of my FAVES happy birthday king
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Jun 12, 2019
happy birthday lee CrimsonEnnui
Sent by koolcoop,Jun 12, 2019
happy birthday my love
Sent by lexeyjane,Jun 12, 2019
Happy birthday!
Sent by Guigi,Jun 12, 2019
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“Lee Jarret Weston Crimson Montgomery Ennui!
Sent by jjvawesomeness0511,Jun 12, 2019
ily lee <3
Sent by Stunzer,Jun 12, 2019
Happy birthday ❤️❤️
Sent by alanb1,Jun 13, 2019

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