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15thMay 2, 2017 by baza76
for a short opinion seeing as I havent done this for a long time

LuckyLefty i have no idea who you are, sorry lol

Petro Honestly you'd be my favourite stars ally of all time. You're a really cool guy as much as we don't talk anymore/not as close as we use to be but you know I still classify you as a good friend!

Thumper91 You're soooooo nice to everyone, maybe a bit to nice but all well, thats just my opinion. I remember all our calls and how you just never stopped laughing, like never but yea dont change you bc you dont see people like you everyday

Arris I mean I don't know much about you but we've spoken a few times and I think your pretty cool so go you!

Don_Draper ew, no seriously I dont really get how so many people hate you; like either I missed something you did or they just have prejudgement about you. But idk you've always been great to me & i guess your okay

_Tanner I mean I really can't give you an opinion seeing its been like 3 years ago since I had an interaction with you but i mean hey

titoburitto you cant spell burrito!!!!!!! Honestly I like you but the eviction in stars was a HEARTBREAKER and i will always be bitter for it :*

pizzawithcookirs i dont think thats how you spell cookies  :L

Bix123 omgg Bix I mean your really so nice, so much nicer then that bitch Suzy. Honestly your one of few people I genuinely wish I was closer with because I know the times we did chat you were really cool to talk too so hmu one day!

Gaiaphagee i feel like we played stars????????????????????? maybe im wrong. I think i actually were in a poll with you but anyway, thats all!

Brandt69 I think we have a few mutual friends but really thats all I know because we might've talked like once but i dont have any bad thoughts about you

Thirteen your weird as hell lol

mathboy9 jesus christ i use to hate you so much but I mean i like you now because when we do play games you are a pretty good ally!!

NotAfraid GABBIEEEEEEEEEE! I still can't believe it took you literally years to figure out I wasn't Canadian like honestly. Seriously you are so funny and such a sweet person!!

zachbbs I dont really know you, I feel like once upon a time we might've had a bit of a bad streak but i could be completely wrong????? If thats the case I mean i dont dislike you at all!

_Ashley I've heard of you and your jdaddys girlfriend so I mean I guess you must be pretty cool!

RobertH BIG PUTA!!!! You were one of the only sane .es people and you were such a great friend to me when .es was around. I still think of you as a friend and I hope one day we do start talking again!

Gigi10 oh boy yourself. Matthew you are probably one of my closest friends on this site and I mean I really do enjoy talking to you. I think you are a bit oversensitive and your probably in the closet but that's fine, you'll find confidence to come out one day xx ily Mattchu, thx for being ok

M_Davis1998 i dont know you like what so ever, sorry

Funnehliner i dont dislike you but I dont like you either, thats all i have to say

Lamia I mean to me your nice but I dont really know you that well

tonyalbright TONYYYY! You're a really nice guy & a pretty good friend. However will never forgive you & Ess FOR SHOOTING ME OUT OF LE HUNGER!!!

brandonpinzu MR PEESOUP. Okay in the past few weeks I've really enjoyed talking to you because your such a sweet guy, I mean even though I know 90% of the time your a fake cunt i guess you scrap up ok.

macken Be the Hannah to my Clay?

christossss Okay when you were in Greece you were such a great friend and so nice and I really liked talking to you. You kinda changed in the past few years, I mean i still think you are a friend and I would like to start talking to you again but you also kinda changed as a person, which is fine because everyone has to change

FighterMan alrighty, our friendship has been such a rollercoaster. Honestly I've had so many opinions of you over the years however I honestly consider you one of my best friends who I really do enjoy talking to pretty much daily and I hope you do know I'm always here for you. Hopefully we don't get into yet another massive fight over some petty shit because you really are one of the only people who I trust with absolutely everything that happens whether its tg or irl. ILY (tumbleweed) <3

smuguy2012 you're so fucking gay its kinda disgusting. No seriously smugay you are really nice and you are really funny but i mean i like how we dont talk to because I dont think im ready to have a friend as gay as you


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this guy
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moi :)
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