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3rdApr 17, 2017 by baza76
- Fastings: If the payouts go to the same as what .br had (where every place had a payout) it would become way to easy for people to gain ts and for people to go up levels so basic games like this & castings need to only have minor changes
15th - 6th: ZILCH
5th: 1K - 4Ts
4th: 2K - 6Ts
3rd: 5K - 10Ts
2nd: 10K - 15Ts
1st: 20K - 20Ts

- Castings stay the same

- Frooks:
13th - 6th: ZILCH
5th: 5K - 10Ts
3rd/4th: 10K - 20Ts
2nd: 20K - 40Ts
1st: 35K - 60Ts (the Ts should stay the same because this is the only game that is actually kind of generous)

- Crooks:
13th - 10th: ZILCH
8th/9th: 0K - 10Ts
6th/7th: 0K - 20Ts
5th: 15K - 30Ts
4th: 20K - 40Ts
3rd: 30K - 50Ts
2nd: 50K - 60Ts
1st: 100K - 75Ts (this game relys you on being more socially active in order to stay in the game so the money should go up with the win)

- Survivor: The Same

- Hunger:
30th - 11th: ZILCH
6th - 10th: 20K - 20ts
5th: 25K - 40Ts (I always think that payouts should be Top 5 instead of 4)
4th: 30K- 75Ts
3rd: 45K- 100Ts
2nd: 70K- 150Ts
1st: 150K - 200Ts

- Stars: (what by far needs the biggest change)
10th - 16th: ZILCH
9th: 15K - 20Ts
8th: 30K - 40Ts
7th: 45K - 60Ts
6th: 60K - 100Ts
5th: 80K- 150Ts
4th: 90K- 200Ts
3rd: 100K- 350Ts
2nd: 150K - 500Ts
1st: 300K - 650Ts

Thoughts? Too generous/Not Generous Enough? Obviously this just a rough draft however I feel that game payouts are so bad and they really need a HUGE improvement. This is really just a rough draft and only really a guideline. STARS is the one game really does need a HUGE improvement in payouts.



I think hg should have more payouts since there are 30 players lol
Sent by sandym89,Apr 17, 2017
This could work tbh
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Apr 17, 2017
better? sandym89
Sent by baza76,Apr 17, 2017
Fasting needs something for 4th place tbh
Sent by JonMcGillis,Apr 17, 2017
I think Fastings need new payouts, 12K - 8T$ isn't worth my 2 hours, if I even get 1st.
baza76 randomize
Sent by PMMGuy,Apr 17, 2017
Too much for rooks. 50K should not be able to be made in an hours time. However, I do believe that top 4, maybe even top 5 should receive Karma of some sort, and jury should receive their ts back.

Maybe something like this:
13-10 nothing
9-6 10T
7-6 20T
5 - 3K 25T
4 - 5K 30T
3 - 8K 30T
2 - 15K 40T
1 - 30K 60T

2nd and 3rd shouldn't receive so much karma in hunger. otherwise there's barely any incentive to win. Same goes for Stars, but first is good on both of those.

Crooks is decent, but lowering the amount of Karma Gained for 1st place is not a good idea imo. 2nd place should get like 40 wile first gets 80 imo.

This isn't that bad though! I will comment later again with a more thorough response in regards to hunger and stars.
Sent by KrisStory,Apr 17, 2017
thoughts? PMMGuy
Sent by baza76,Apr 17, 2017
baza76 4th should get something if your going to raise the payouts. 5ts is ok
Sent by JonMcGillis,Apr 17, 2017
^Referring to fastings
Sent by JonMcGillis,Apr 17, 2017
KrisStory I changed the points you've pointed out, how does it look now?
Sent by baza76,Apr 17, 2017
why tho JonMcGillis
Sent by baza76,Apr 17, 2017
8th - 7th: 1K - 0T$
6th: 2K - 2T$
5th: 4K - 6T$
4th: 8K - 10T$
3rd: 14K - 16T$
2nd: 16K - 20T$
1st: 20K - 25T$
Sent by PMMGuy,Apr 17, 2017
baza76 because everyone hates it that they make it so far but just barely miss the mark.
Sent by JonMcGillis,Apr 17, 2017
I think 4th and 5th should get 5ts in Fasting because they obviously put a decent amount of time into the game unless they were inactive the whole time. And typically 4th place is someone who got screwed over so they should still get something.
Sent by M_Davis1998,Apr 17, 2017
I dont think pre final fasting people should get karma, but a few ts wouldn't hurt
Sent by JonMcGillis,Apr 17, 2017
tried it
Sent by karim,Apr 17, 2017
+15 +++++++
Sent by Roshy,Apr 17, 2017
Stars is the one definitely in need of substantial change. Like if you get finals you should get your T$ back
Sent by Lemjam6,Apr 17, 2017
Yes randomize
Sent by ToriKelley,Apr 17, 2017
I feel like you should get your ts back for 3rd in stars, otherwise I like it
The karma in hunger could be a little higher considering how much time out of your day it takes compared to other games to get to F5
Survivor honestly id lower the karma, it's WAY to easy to merge
I'd probably lower the rewards for crooks a bit, even though you have to be active it doesn't take a whole lot of strategy to get far
Frooks I think Ts should be given back to jury, the rest is good
Castings idek what the payouts are but I think they are fine, maybe take out the reward for people who die off so you don't get free karma/ts for doing nothing
Fastings I think a small reward should be given for like f7, just a few ts or karma to get new players more into the game
I like this a lot overall ur the best big bailey
Sent by GiGi10,Apr 17, 2017
3rd and 4th should have a small difference in Frooks.  Maybe a 5 T$ difference?

Rooks payouts are fine as is although the money going up for 2nd and 1st I agree with.

Stars, I think the winner should have more T$ than that.  Maybe 600 so that way they get T$ doubled.  3rd should have full money back and 2nd gets 400 T$.

Everything else I am okay with, but give 5th/4th in Fastings what 3rd/2nd do now in addition to what you have for the Final 3.  That way, it makes Fastings more competitive.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Apr 17, 2017
vivor should be 50k
Sent by FighterMan,Apr 17, 2017
tbh i agree with stars bc i WAS ROBBED
Sent by TayBear17,Apr 17, 2017
This is a really good idea and I hope rando takes this into consideration
Sent by parkerstack7,Apr 17, 2017
what I wish could happen is retroactive karma for us oldies who won these games years ago and earned like 5 karma :P
Sent by MarkiePoo,Apr 17, 2017
I like this
Although for survivior, it should increase the amount based off merge streak.
It should start lower, maybe at 20 and then increase by like 10 after 5 merges. That way if you have a higher streak you actually get a reward for it

As for Stars I think you accurately showed what needs to happen since making finals everyone should make the T's back that they paid. I probably just wouldn't give any payout for 9th
Sent by Nick33,Apr 17, 2017
I love the new Fastings payout. It would make the game a lot better, as I hate getting to the end of a 1-2 hour long Fasting to get 5th/4th and receive nothing.
Sent by RealJacksonWalsh,Apr 17, 2017
here to get my ass wrecked
Sent by koolness234,Apr 17, 2017
gigi10 Survivor will be harder to merge in with tribe swaps and no more cheat engine or multis i think
Sent by koolness234,Apr 17, 2017
This is perfect, maybe too much for frooks, since this game is fast one, but for all other is good.
Sent by Ari_,Apr 17, 2017
I'd say


5th - 5T$
4th - 10T$
3rd - 15T$ & 5K
2nd - 20T$ & 10K
1st - 25T$ & 15K

5th - 15T$ & 5K
4th - 30T$ & 10K
3rd - 45T$ & 15K
2nd - 60T$ & 20K
1st - 75T$ & 25K

5th - 10T$
4th - 15T$ & 5K
3rd - 20T$ & 5K
2nd - 40T$ & 10K
1st - 60T$ & 20K

5th - 25T$ & 5K
4th - 40T$ & 10K
3rd - 50T$ & 15K
2nd - 60T$ & 20K
1st - 100T$ & 50K

Merge - 50T$ & 25K

15th - 5T$
14th - 5T$
13th - 10T$
12th - 10T$
11th - 10T$ & 5K
10th - 15T$ & 5K
9th - 20T$ & 5K
8th - 25T$ & 5K
7th - 30T$ & 10K
6th - 35T$ & 10K
5th - 40T$ & 10K
4th - 45T$ & 10K
3rd - 50T$ & 20K
2nd - 75T$ & 30K
1st - 150T$ & 50K

8th - 10T$ & 5K
7th - 20T$ & 5K
6th - 30T$ & 10K
5th - 40T$ & 15K
4th - 50T$ & 20K
3rd - 75T$ & 25K
2nd - 100T$ & 30K
1st - 1000T$ & 100K
Sent by jason_2_12,Apr 17, 2017
honestly that stars is pretty horrid because only 1st gets there money back so we are pretty much back to the same scenario jason_2_12
Sent by baza76,Apr 17, 2017
I dont agree with a lot of this, some payouts need to go up, but not everything, its a little exaggerated
Sent by Rebelman2227,Apr 17, 2017
Agreed Girl.
Sent by BrendaMeekz,Apr 17, 2017
I don't think anyone outside top 3 should get money back that's the goal...

Maybe 3rd 500T$ 25K
2nd 750T$ 50K
1st 1000T$ 100K

Sent by jason_2_12,Apr 17, 2017
Sent by rosemulet,Apr 17, 2017
50K for a survivor merge?? that seems ridiculous
Sent by tofutime,Apr 17, 2017
But yeah koolness234 if he changes it I'd be better with 40k. It's still giving out 400 karma per game which is way too much for a single merge IMO
Sent by GiGi10,Apr 17, 2017
IMO you should get some karma/T for making jury in a Frooks. Maybe not a lot but at least some.
Sent by Obstreperous,Apr 17, 2017
I originally had it as 40K for SURVIVOR tofutime Gigi10
Sent by baza76,Apr 17, 2017
this is good!
Sent by tharealmike,Apr 17, 2017
Tf is zilch.
Sent by nqii7,Apr 17, 2017
Stars should be 1,000Ts and 1,000 Karma
Sent by Espontaneo,Apr 17, 2017
Or at least 500^
Sent by Espontaneo,Apr 17, 2017
I agree with everything, but if you make jury in frookies, you should get your money back. 4th & 5th should also get something in fastings, and the prizes for 1-3 should be higher.
Sent by royaljewel,Apr 18, 2017

7th 2ts
6th 3ts
5th 5ts
4th 6ts 2k
3rd 7ts 5k
2nd 10ts 10k
1st 20ts 20k

11th to 4th is ok

3rd 15ts 10k
2nd 20ts 15k
1st 40ts 50k

5th 10ts 2k
4th 12ts 4k
3rd 20ts 10k
2nd 30ts 15k
1st 60 ts 30k


6th 10ts 6k
5th 12 ts 8k
4th  15 ts 10k
3rd 20ts 20k
2nd 40ts 40k
1st 80ts 80k

30ts 40k -> it's a week and it's going to be harder with the tribe's swap :_

10th 5ts 1k
9th 6ts 2k
8th 8ts 3k
7th 10ts 4k
6th 12ts 6k
5th 20ts 10k
4th 50ts 20k
3rd  70ts 40k
2nd 100ts 80k
1st 300 ts 150k
Sent by sandym89,Apr 18, 2017

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