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11thJun 2, 2018 by bamold1999
I鈥檒l keep this short and sweet since most people won鈥檛 read this anyway.

This has to be one of the dirtiest games I鈥檝e played in a while. Almost everyone trusted me in the game with the exception of 4-5 people. Day 1 I tried to make it my goal to be good in everyone鈥檚 books just so I could float my way in the middle for a bit. Come Day 2, nickp already came for my neck so I had to play the power position once again. I most definitely have played the best game up until this point, where I may lose to the problem that I created, but I鈥檓 satisfied with the game I have played. I have put my all in every single DC and I really hope you all reward me finals for the amazing game I have played. Grats on finals Tonyalbright and Classicaz5
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+++ gl!
Sent by Josh742,Jun 2, 2018
Love you bub
Sent by tonyalbright,Jun 2, 2018
you did good kid
Sent by BengalBoy,Jun 2, 2018
The deserving winner. Good luck king
Sent by tdilindsayfan100,Jun 2, 2018

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