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⭐Stars Tributes⭐

10thFeb 8, 2018 by bamold1999
Josh742 - You're the best thing that came out of this game and I am so glad we ended up joining this game together. You're so funny on every call that we went on together and I found is especially funny af when you we're trying to talk Russian. I really hope we remain good friends for a very long time and we continue to grow closer. Your dogs are literally so cute might I add.  GL, YOU WERE MY RIDE OR DIE!!!!!!

Alanb1 - At the beginning of this game, I had ENOUGH of your shit because you kept coming for my neck. Eventually i'm glad we came to the conclusion that we needed each other against this huge ass alliance and we were both correct, it was much needed. I like you as a person and I respect you as a player, even though you're a shady lady.

Cornelia - The second I joined the game I wanted to work with you, then you proceeded to be kinda shady and I wasn't really a fan of that. I'm not sure how truthful you were with me, but I still wish you luck and nothing will change my opinion of you. I think you're a wonderful person

Heatherlum - You are an absolute sweetheart and I hope we grow closer over the next little while. From a game perspective, I think you play a little TOO loyal, but theres nothing wrong with that and I think you're in a great position. I really hope you make it far and kick some ass for me. I knew from my first impressions of you, that you wouldn't be someone that would be fake to you all day and I really liked that. I knew I wasnt at the top of your list this game but I can at least say I never locked you in! GL and I hope you make it far <3

Yoshicoolman - From my perspective, you are extremely loyal to me and I appreciate that a lot. Even if you lock me in, that's totally fine and you thought it's what was best for your game. I'm glad we don't hate each other anymore because you're actually a cool person and I  trusted you more than anyone in this game except Josh. Btw the round I was nommed, people wanted to nom you but I shot that down to help you, even tho you're prob going this round I gave u an extra placement!! GL THO AND ILY!

Jourdanbabyxoxo - I have nothing bad to say about you as a person, I do really like you and I hope theres no bad blood between us. I think you need to wake up in the game but that's the only flaw I have with you

TJ2807 - Jason, you're honestly a real sweet person. I don't think you locked me in but even if you did, it's completely okay. I really wanted to work with you in this game and go very far with you, too bad I only got 11th but I hope you still kick ass and do well. I hope we can grow closer outside the game

MoneyNeil - I really hope you're okay with whatever happened, because this isn't like you and i'm praying it's something little. If you were in this game it would have been completely different and we would have kicked some ass together. I love you to death and I hope you're fine <3

Now lets get to the devils of the cast

Ametrine - I actually don't know what your obsession is with this website, but I have tried on numerous occasions to defend you, be friends with you but not happening anymore. I personally could give less of a rats ass if you nominated me, but the fact that you had to multi out a "friend" when you're playing on a multi is absolutely pathetic. I have no respect for you ruining this website, and even less respect for how selfish of a person you are. Yes, I do join stars a lot but no one could be as obsessed as you are. That's why i'm so mad at you is because you're just going to join next week anyway, so why go through the time of multing me out. GL and I hope you enjoy selling multis to your new butt buddy. You fly through friends pretty quickly, it wont last.

M_Davis1998 - Now, I did really like you before this game. I really respected you, and thought you were a really nice person. Let me tell you, I was completely fucking wrong. You're selfish as hell (not more than Bryce) and you're lit being converted into Bryce. I'm not the only person that sees this new M_Davis, what happened to kind and innocent M_Davis, one will never know. I would have never in a million years multied you out, ESPECIALLY against a fucking multi. I'm sorry but you multied me out over someone who joins every single week. I really hope you enjoy paying for multies and losing friends for your fake pal, Bryce. I don't care that you nommed me, and I told you that. You then proceed to multi me out, and that's where I draw the line. I have no desire to talk to you again if you're going to be this arrogant asshole.



Thank you for the kind words!
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Aww this was a good read :)
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I see you with no tribute
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Good read
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