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  14. Can people enlighten me
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  30. I didn't join with 10 people
  31. PYN FOR A DRUNK OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. Remember when Galaxies used to be tolerable
  33. I'm very confused
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  35. Nommed for 6th Vlog
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Can people enlighten me

11thDec 30, 2017 by bamold1999
on how I only go unnommed with a premade, yet this stars I talked to 0 people outside the game. . Also this game the only people I talk to outside the game are GentlemanG and MisterPredaa and neither of them even knew I was popping in. Bitches be pressed tho


okay kind of rude ihy 2
Sent by peace123,Dec 30, 2017
ily Peace123
Sent by bamold1999,Dec 30, 2017
Sent by Lemjam6,Dec 30, 2017
They’re just pressed sis. Keep on slaying!
Sent by tdilindsayfan100,Dec 30, 2017
Nonetheless, you already had a clear alliance from the start. Like I told you already, this is rozlyn playing frookies.
Sent by _Adidas_,Dec 30, 2017
Sent by Batya,Dec 30, 2017
Sent by Vlad21,Dec 30, 2017
Yas king ily tdilindsayfan100
Sent by bamold1999,Dec 30, 2017
Took you like 200 stars
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Dec 30, 2017
I think there's public backlash because everyone outside the game saw this coming day 1 and to have a cast be so ridiculously stubborn and stupid after witnessing BB19 this summer...they've just said ENOUGH.
#not again

but you always manage to get to finals in your stars, despite being a huge threat, which is an accomplishment!
Sent by Jujubee,Dec 30, 2017
LMAO you're fucking retarded, so I don't expect your opinion to be valid. I was saying that was the 1 game I didn't know anyone in the game and still went unnommed. Your last stars you had a premade and still got 14th sooooo..... Wwemrpeeps. Sorry 3 people isnt majority and a premade is an alliance made before the game and neither of them knew i was joining
Sent by bamold1999,Dec 30, 2017
I didn’t neg
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Dec 30, 2017
wwemrpeeps how far have u gone unnommed?

stupid pedo
Sent by NotNicky333,Dec 30, 2017
Sent by garrievans97,Dec 30, 2017

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