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  1. You would think you would mature
  2. You're such a fuckin hoe
  3. Jackson Krecioch and Dylan Geick
  4. Tomorrow I have a class until 9:30 pm
  5. I love her
  6. I'm glad we're all woke
  7. Imagine saying u never had a multi
  8. Don鈥檛 steal my man
  9. I always knew Stuey was gay
  10. Ban him
  11. Damn!
  12. Any publicity is good publicity.
  13. 馃挅Josh馃挅
  14. 馃挅Chase馃挅
  15. 馃挅Austin馃挅
  16. 馃挅Stuey馃挅
  17. 馃挅Ess馃挅
  18. 馃挅Stunz馃挅
  19. 馃挅Cam馃挅
  20. 馃挅Alex馃挅
  21. 馃挅Tony馃挅
  22. 馃挅Donny馃挅
  23. 馃挅Ray馃挅
  24. 馃挅Jake馃挅
  25. 馃挅Matt馃挅
  26. 馃挅Marcus馃挅
  27. 馃挅Sam馃挅
  28. 馃挅Dylan馃挅
  29. 馃挅Lance馃挅
  30. 馃挅Bryce馃挅
  32. Can people enlighten me
  33. My last 3 stars i've gone unnommed
  34. Lit y'all be obsessed
  36. Who do you want to win immunity?
  37. Once upon a time.
  38. My parents are so popular
  39. I DID IT!!!!!
  40. I love my Lab family!

My last 3 stars i've gone unnommed

17thDec 30, 2017 by bamold1999
icons only


Lee Crim should've made a big mama move
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Dec 30, 2017
My last 3 Stars I got 2nd
Robbed bitches only!
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Dec 30, 2017
you had multis and a premade
Sent by harrywasnak,Dec 30, 2017
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Dec 30, 2017
icon of multis and premades
Sent by AlanDuncan,Dec 30, 2017
Sent by iYBF,Dec 30, 2017
yes shepherd I bow to you. Show us mortal men how stars is meant to be played. I am deeply sorry I could only service you the first 2 day changes but I am glad my lord bamold has made final 3 unnominated once more
Sent by peace123,Dec 30, 2017
#premadesonly ! King x
Sent by eliserose,Dec 30, 2017
LMAO Multis? I have 2 multis Damaged and Point?

Also i joined this game 100% alone and wasn't close with anyone in the game. Try again tho harrywasnak Wwemrpeeps

Last time I checked I only talked to 2 people in this game outside the game and there was 13 other people that could have nommed me. xoxo
Sent by bamold1999,Dec 30, 2017
You have played like 200 stars
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Dec 30, 2017
eh more like 30, and i've gone unnommed in 6 of them. Nice try tho wwemrpeeps
Sent by bamold1999,Dec 30, 2017

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