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PYN for an opinion

19thNov 11, 2017 by bamold1999
Arris - I just have a weird vibe that you don't like me for some reason. I don't remember why but I just am getting that vibe but if you don't then hmu!

Calebdaboss - I don't really know you enough to give you an opinion but i'm pretty sure you were someone that attacked me a while back for something real petty.

DJ2722 - I believe you're Kelly2722 and I don't really know you but you were alright in the one skype game we played.

j0hnnyb0i - Yassss, we just started talking like 2 ish weeks ago? Maybe less. Anyway you're one of my fav people already and I love talking to you and getting to know you. We need to talk more tho x 馃挄馃挄

NoChildSupport - Your name seems familiar from a while back but I don't believe we have talked. Based on your blogs and stuff you seem like a cool person :)

Mathboy9 - Eh, not really a huge fan. I don't really have any reason but you just seem really immature to me and idk, I find you annoying.

Diogojsgomes - I don't really know you, i'm sorry.

Austino15fffan - I love you as a person and even in our last stars I loved working with you. 90% of our games though we get out on the wrong foot, but outside them I love u.

rellizuraddixion - We go way back and we used to be so close. I still love you and am down to talk whenever. Hope all is going well 馃挄

Crimsonennui - You're an icon and ily. I miss talking to you every day but you're one of my good friends and you're an amazing person 馃挄

Scooby0000 - I also don't think you're a fan of me but idk you so I can't really give an opinion.

Dane_Williams - We have been in so many games together but we never really talk. I don't have anything against you or anything. Don't really know u that well tho :P

KatherinePierce - Ily 馃挄. We used to talk quite a bit but now we never talk. If you ever wanna talk just hmu, if i'm not on skype i'll be on snap. You're amazing tho and i'll always consider you a friend.

IamRemedy - I think you're a cool person we just never talk, probably because we have completely different friends. I do like you tho, I just don't like your friend choices :)

Classicaz5 - One of my besties 馃挄. Even though you're a shady bitch sometimes I still love you and I believe we're closer now than we ever have been. GL in stars 馃挄

Sam_Hamwich - You're easily one of my fav people on this site. Ever since we have started The Lab in the summer we have grown closer and even tho we rarely call anymore you're still one of my best friends.

Blujay112 - You're probably one of the kindest people I know and I love talking to you. I miss when we used to talk every day but you're still one of my good friends and ily 馃挄

rfkfdr - I don't know you i'm sorry :(

RobertGuajardo - We used to be v close, we don't talk nearly as much as we used to but we're still good pals. You're my alcoholic pal

Thirteen - Not really a fan of u tbh.

Deeannamorgan - Well, if i'm being honest. I didn't really like you until I actually talked to u after u were added to The Lab. I was just really close with Sara so that whole feud made me have a negative opinion on you, but ily now and think you're sweet. Hopefully we can talk more and grow closer. 馃挄

GentlemanG - One of my oldest friends on this site, and even to this day we're still really close. Even tho we have had our ups and downs in the past we get over them and you're still one of my best friends. 馃挄

Stunzer - Another one of my best friends, and even tho you drive me BONKERS sometimes, you're still a good pal. Keep stealing my kills hoe 馃挄


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pretty hurts
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Give me one!
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UGh update already I PYNd early for a reason
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cant wait for a NEGATIVE OPINION like your NEGATIVE SCORE
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me dad
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