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  1. Oh my lanta
  2. Maybe I am better at zoo
  3. I'm back bitches
  4. You would think you would mature
  5. You're such a fuckin hoe
  6. Tomorrow I have a class until 9:30 pm
  7. I'm glad we're all woke
  8. Imagine saying u never had a multi
  9. Damn!
  10. Any publicity is good publicity.
  11. 馃挅Josh馃挅
  12. 馃挅Chase馃挅
  13. 馃挅Austin馃挅
  14. 馃挅Stuey馃挅
  15. 馃挅Ess馃挅
  16. 馃挅Stunz馃挅
  17. 馃挅Cam馃挅
  18. 馃挅Alex馃挅
  19. 馃挅Tony馃挅
  20. 馃挅Donny馃挅
  21. 馃挅Ray馃挅
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  28. 馃挅Bryce馃挅
  30. Can people enlighten me
  31. My last 3 stars i've gone unnommed
  32. Lit y'all be obsessed
  34. Who do you want to win immunity?
  35. Once upon a time.
  36. My parents are so popular
  37. I DID IT!!!!!
  38. I love my Lab family!
  39. Friend tag thing.
  40. PYN for an opinion

I didn't join with 10 people

14thAug 28, 2017 by bamold1999
you sack of shit. Open your eyes and count dip-shit. You may be autistic but it doesn't prevent you from opening your eyes. Literally you're so obsessed with me and it's really quite sad. You're 31 years old, I think it's time to get your shit together, wake up and smell the roses. No one wants to see your suicidal blogs for attention, just do it if you really want that much attention. Literally, I would never genuinely wish anyone got hit by a bus except you, because you're a pedophile and a disgusting piece of shit. Sexual predators don't deserve to be alive but you do you fam



Sent by Bluejay762,Aug 28, 2017
Don't lie bamold1999 you have KingB24 GentlemanG Thumper91 AlanDuncan MrOrange890 tpidude73 ClassiCaz5 MaTtOnLsD Bluejay7622 and I'm pretty sure @hujain
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Aug 28, 2017
I literally only knew 5 of them were joining, nasty cunt. Wwemrpeeps
Sent by bamold1999,Aug 28, 2017

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