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Tea With Bailz B

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Hello Mar 5, 2018
My name is Shon Toma,
I am the drag tumor,
But I am also the wokest bitch in the west
* Plays flute *, * Hits split *, * Screams *
Points: 24 1 comments
I cant breathe Feb 9, 2018
Omarosa: You're playing the game w/ the wrong person. Don't try to play me, I'm not Nintendo, boo.
Brandi: Girl, I play XBox.
Points: 22 4 comments
Imagine Feb 6, 2018
lying about your career
and yet your still on tengaged
playing on a multi.....
Points: 415 17 comments
Do you ever get tired of talking shit? Jan 19, 2018
Everytime we get on call you constantly talk about Maturo
Youre so obsessed
Points: 50 2 comments
Never subject yourself Jan 17, 2018
to let Halloween or his little sheeps bully you.
You better clock those bitches heads back.
Some people are just naturally horrible human beings and him and his friends are just that.
Points: 151 6 comments
You can be the cutest guy ever... Jan 16, 2018
but if you're obsessed with tengaged,
hun thats a turn off
Points: 23 3 comments