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Analyzing Tbrother2 Houseguest Week 4+5

15thAug 2, 2017 by baileyboy1
FYI: I'm completely blind to most alliances and it makes it hard to tell who's working with who.

-Zack/ Trust -Welcome to the game! Wish you the best of luck i def think you will do better than last seasons intruder. (and yes thats shade)

-Emyr/ michellewilliams -Nominated for the first time this season, but has seemed to stay lowkey the first half of the game. I still see you going far if you survive this eviction.

-Billy/ Rocker917 -Coming into this game i knew you would be an easy target. You have no problem voicing your opinion but this season you seem to do so when the time is right. I think you will have to win more comps to stay around now because you are a threat and the first chance someone gets they will try to take you out.

-Deeanna/ Deeannamorgan - You went from being nominated the first 2week to winning power. I think you have solidified yourself into a good position in the game. However, people are aware you can now win competitions and if u sit on the block again it will take alot to stay.

-Sara/ saraj10 -You are one bad ass bitch! You have proved that you can win a competition when you need to and youre one of the biggest targets in the house. I think personally if you do have a stable alliance you can make it really far in this game. However, I do not know if some things you said will help in a f2 jury scenario.

-Elise/ EliseRose -I had a very wrong opinion on you preseason. You came into this game and you're killing it so far. I think you're a good strategist and can win some comps. I would also sadly say you're a huge target and no one will want u in the game once memory comps are a huge factor in the game.

-Gabbie/ notafraid -You are nominated this week and i have no idea if you will stay or not. I think so far you havent came off as a threat physically but u may be socially. It seems as though you have no problem backstabbing someone and theres nothing wrong with that. But would people keep you safe and risk it?

-Dr.Steve/ 2beastly - Steve you have literally been called out so many times and yet u are still safe in the game. You're good in competitions and apparently your social game must be popping aswell. I think you have a good shot at winning if you manage to make it to the end.

- Jordyn/ jordynrose - Girl you're one of the most lowkey players i have seen play this game. You have managed to not win any comps and not be in any drama in the game so far. You're nominated this week but personally i don't see you going anywhere anytime soon.

- Jack/ jackyboy -Jack my man! So far this season I think you have also been one of the lowkey players. However, unlike others I think if you sit on the block people will not miss a shot to take you out.

-Malibu/ sexgoddx -I thought at first you would'nt do much in the game but you proved me wrong. You won HOH last week and tried to make a move. This week you were nominated and fought hard to win the POV. Moving forward you are a target but i hope you do well.

#TBB2 just my opinions but i wish you all the best of luck!!!
You guys are making this a really good season <3


bailey please die. Raven stans shouldnt be allowed out of their cages
Sent by Masonx,Aug 2, 2017
masonx boy bye raven is your cousin
Sent by baileyboy1,Aug 2, 2017

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