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❤️Austino’s Music Taste FLSFYL❤️

Oct 20, 2021 by austino15fffan
The final LSFYL…

Joee323 has submitted “Dancing Queen” by ABBA
nenalalala has submitted “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus

The final member of the top 3 IS….. Joee323

Nenalalala, I’m sorry my dear, you just missed the finale.
I had so much fun hosting you in this game. You had several close calls for wins, and several close calls for going home, and you hung in there girl! It was a pleasure, but you are the 9th person eliminated from this game!

The finale will be posted tomorrow, but I wanted to give a rundown of what the finale will look like as well as our TOP 3’s stats going into the finale.

In alphabetical order:
Joee323 : WIN-2 HIGH-2 SAFE-3 LOW-0 BTM-2

Maxi1234 : WIN-1 HIGH-5 SAFE-2 LOW-1 BTM-0

Newnightmare7 : WIN-2 HIGH-3 SAFE-2 LOW-2 BTM-0

The finale will work like this:
3 song categories, meaning each of you will submit one song per category.

I will rank each submission 1-3, meaning the maximum amount of points you can get is 9, and the minimum amount of points you can get is 3.

The two finalists who have the highest point count, will be moving to the final 2, whereas the contestant with the lowest point total will automatically take 3rd place.

Than, the final 2 will both submit one FINAL lip sync song, and the winner of this final lip sync will be crowned the winner of season 1, and will be gifted anything they would like from shops.

These categories will be posted tomorrow, see you all soon!

Joee323 V.S Maxi1234 V.S Newnightmare7
4th - Nenalalala
5th - FromAWindow
6th - Smuguy2012
7th - tyleror
8th - Christian_
9th - Stuartlittle16
10th - Veigar
11th - FairyBoss
12th - Nateclove

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