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Craziest work story

Apr 6, 2021 by austino15fffan
I worked at an apartment complex when I was in College and we had to take turns being on call for week long periods.

One week, one of our residents had her car stolen so we checked the security cameras and it was one of our residents girlfriend (who didn’t live here) that stole this chicks truck.

We only knew what apartment she was connected to because her boyfriend was roommates with this guy that had a massive obsessive crush on me and I knew what apartment the thieves lived in because my stalker went into the same apartment that the chicks boyfriend lived in.

Anyways, the police got involved and because I was the one on call, I had to stay AFTER work, to escort the police to the apartment in question. It wasn’t just one officer though, it was about 12, in full riot gear, all of them at least 6 ft tall and I was a skinny 5’6 twink. Anyways I led them to the apartment and they legitimately bashed in the door and brought out 3 people in handcuffs and they found all the belongings from the stolen truck, plus the truck keys in the apartment. The boyfriend was like sobbing and said he has no idea his GF had stolen the truck (even tho he had an ankle bracelet and we had problems with this guy already).

The girl who’s truck was stolen, we had to let her out of her lease and all these lawyers were involved and then we had to evict the guy who’s girlfriend stole the truck and it was this whole crazy event. I don’t think I got paid for staying after so long either, fucking bitches.

I just remember standing at the end of the hallway while the cops were breaking in and I was like freaking out thinking there was going to be a full on gun fight and I was just standing there in my cute little polo and khakis and looked like a snitch for leading the cops to the APT. The truck was found abandoned with everything missing in a park a mile away.


Lmfao "standing there in my cute little polo and khakis and looked like a snitch" strangely wholesome
Sent by manopause,Apr 6, 2021

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