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  1. Anyone have AS4 finale link?
  2. I’m freaking out
  3. Manilla was my pre season
  4. I almost cried 3 times
  5. Anyone else XBOX one acting up?
  6. Plz share All Stars 4 link with me
  7. RPDR 11
  8. Rupauls Drag Race 11
  9. Who is being evicted in CBB
  10. I’m so overwhelmed
  11. I feel like RJ DANGER
  12. I’m quitting tengaged after 34 years
  13. Are there going to be pre season interviews
  14. I’m 5’6
  15. Throwback to T-Vivor 2 Music Video
  16. Does anyone have
  17. Wow literally like 6 people
  18. Damn I didn’t even have my first kiss
  19. What's the name of the Epicmafia
  20. Hello
  21. Anyone wanna frooks?
  23. Looks like EliOrtiz
  24. Yikes
  25. Just had a dream
  26. I’m so close to breaking 1000 games
  27. Anyone wanna frookies
  28. LMAO Alexia you legit can’t take the fucking..
  29. Itsalexia
  30. Fuck Kidney stones dude
  31. Anyone wanna frook
  32. CBB2 cast isn’t out yet
  33. autismo15fffan
  34. I’m glad Monique is shining finally
  35. Is anyone actually surprised
  36. How many Tengagers have you met IRL?
  37. If you were in the 100 person Aquamarine game
  38. RPDR All stars 4
  39. What is my last name?
  40. Is Super Smash ultimate

I'm actually shook at how amazing CBBUS has been so far

Feb 9, 2018 by austino15fffan
Shook at Jodi BB14 making an appearance and my pre season and number 1 queen Shannon was the first ever celeb BB HOH


Even tho it was only for a day LOL


ikr loved it
Sent by peace123,Feb 9, 2018

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