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  1. Plz gift me donut background omg
  2. Queen Haleigh wins BB20
  3. Please tell me Bayleigh is going home
  4. Oh good so I wasn’t the only person..
  5. Who got banned in HOF
  6. Who is going home
  7. Has Kaycee said anything about her sexuality yet
  8. Soooooo why was Angela not nommed
  9. Is it bad
  10. Has anyone here played Paladins?
  11. Am I a...
  12. Can we get Cromatique into Stars plz
  13. Who is Bayleighs official target
  14. Does your mom know
  15. Who is Bay nomming
  16. Why was Sam gonna nom JC wtf????
  17. Are they not banning anyone in stars anymore I’m..
  18. Who did Evil_Derrick used to be married to on..
  19. I fucking hate Survivor on this website
  20. #MasterChef
  21. Kaitlyn doesn’t believe what Brett said does..
  22. Can Angela go home already? Good god
  23. What’s the point of lying to someone
  24. BB20
  25. Any gifs of Scottie spinning yet LOOOOOOL
  26. Who wants to start an ORG series with me :)
  27. It’s annoying that race is a protected class but..
  28. Can’t wait for Yvie Oddly
  29. If there was a tengaged Heroes V Villains
  30. Join vivor play with all these pretty girls
  31. Did Jenzie and DJ break up
  32. Join survivor I’m lonely
  33. Anyone wanna premade survivor ?
  34. Karmas a big ass bitch
  35. Any skype games tonight ?
  36. This website is so dead now
  37. Anyone play Fortnite on Xbox ?
  38. Who is he gonna nom????
  39. This has been the worst season of League ever
  40. What’s the drama with Kaitlyn Faysal and Haleigh

I'm actually shook at how amazing CBBUS has been so far

Feb 9, 2018 by austino15fffan
Shook at Jodi BB14 making an appearance and my pre season and number 1 queen Shannon was the first ever celeb BB HOH


Even tho it was only for a day LOL


ikr loved it
Sent by peace123,Feb 9, 2018

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