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Disgusts me looking at Hunger

Dec 17, 2017 by austino15fffan
And every single game seeing the entire top 10 or top 5 with red noses

Like are you that incapable of not cheating to go far in a game?



literally.. its so pointless lol just try your best
Sent by Ashleybabyx3,Dec 17, 2017
ya but if everyone else cheats it makes me think oh i should cheat too tbh :(
Sent by Irelia,Dec 17, 2017
So true +++
Sent by Tyler93,Dec 17, 2017
how are they cheating? Doing each other’s challenges?
Sent by Josh742,Dec 17, 2017
agreed, it is really ridiculous lol
Sent by Boots22,Dec 17, 2017
init the only time i've ever cheated is on gta san andreas to get the tank
Sent by BengalBoy,Dec 17, 2017

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