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  1. BB20
  2. Any gifs of Scottie spinning yet LOOOOOOL
  3. Who wants to start an ORG series with me :)
  4. It’s annoying that race is a protected class but..
  5. Can’t wait for Yvie Oddly
  6. If there was a tengaged Heroes V Villains
  7. Join vivor play with all these pretty girls
  8. Did Jenzie and DJ break up
  9. Join survivor I’m lonely
  10. Anyone wanna premade survivor ?
  11. Karmas a big ass bitch
  12. Any skype games tonight ?
  13. This website is so dead now
  14. Anyone play Fortnite on Xbox ?
  15. Who is he gonna nom????
  16. This has been the worst season of League ever
  17. What’s the drama with Kaitlyn Faysal and Haleigh
  18. Wait
  19. Is State of decay 2 fun???
  20. Brett is so ugly and annoying
  21. Anyone have a link to BBUS 20 Episode 3
  22. Is the Xbox store not working for anyone else rn
  23. Always a bridesmaid no matter how well I play..
  24. Predict my final percentage in Stawsssss
  26. **STARS 502 FINALS VLOG**
  27. The MOST deserving queen won.
  29. Do I make a vlog if I go up in 5 min?
  30. He was only banned 78 days ago...?
  31. Am I a beautiful bio woman?
  32. Still shook that I know a queen on S11
  33. Helen was Pushed
  34. Should I buy the lips in iscotty shop
  35. Sooo Maturo has 3 Stars wins
  36. Is my avatar beautiful ?
  37. Lionsden121... Tim... do you have Alzheimer’s?
  38. Apparently me and Danielkennedy are a premade
  39. This will be my first Stars as a woman.
  40. Omg will I have stars support ??

Disgusts me looking at Hunger

Dec 17, 2017 by austino15fffan
And every single game seeing the entire top 10 or top 5 with red noses

Like are you that incapable of not cheating to go far in a game?



literally.. its so pointless lol just try your best
Sent by Ashleybabyx3,Dec 17, 2017
ya but if everyone else cheats it makes me think oh i should cheat too tbh :(
Sent by Irelia,Dec 17, 2017
So true +++
Sent by Tyler93,Dec 17, 2017
how are they cheating? Doing each other’s challenges?
Sent by Josh742,Dec 17, 2017
agreed, it is really ridiculous lol
Sent by Boots22,Dec 17, 2017
init the only time i've ever cheated is on gta san andreas to get the tank
Sent by BengalBoy,Dec 17, 2017

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