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Grimes Fans: vote May 12, 2021
What are some of your fave songs from her?

I really like two of her songs but they are the popular ones. I wanna venture out more but don’t know where to start she has lots of music

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Grown adults vote May 12, 2021
That don’t regularly shower..... I do not understand

I know of several people in a professional setting that just do not shower or must shower once a week or something.

Otherwise totally regular individuals who just have that quirk and I’m like 🤨 we as a civilization are capable of being clean so why do you as a middle/upper class individual actively want to smell that bad... I would be so incredibly self conscious walking around knowing I smell like a dumpster.
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Just got 15th vote May 12, 2021
In a 20 post casting

Petition to remove active games from the drop down list of games when evicted (except Frookies). This casting is going to be on there for another week at this rate 😂
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There was one specific user vote May 12, 2021
YEARS ago, who had their username changed

It was an OG player, I can’t remember why their username changed but it was only loosely changed, i.e the end of the username was removed or something

I can not remember who it was
Points: 171 11 comments
Thoughts May 12, 2021
Drag Race Down Under so far?
Points: 72 7 comments
Has there ever been a glitch vote May 12, 2021
In crookies where the HOH also won POV?
Points: 40 2 comments