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Tweets from the 2010s

Mar 26, 2023 by arskinsky78
I just dug up some of my tweets from 2012-2018 and learned I was a savage Harmonizer. 95% of my tweets are about Fifth Harmony or trashing any fandom that got in our way (mostly 5SOSFam and Mixers - sorry LittleMix).

Anyone else spend the 2010s staunchly defending an artist or group? Like damn I prob spent 100+ hours tryna get Fifth Harmony Teen Choice Awards and VMAs. No regrets and still stan those 5 ordinary girls that did the Impossible and proved that Anything Can Happen!!


I have never been a tweeter but I constantly put an end to all slander regarding them, that includes on here.
One time about a month ago, Matthew09 brazenly posted a faulty misconstrued ranking where he disrespected my favorite member so I sent the blog to multiple people to get it negged and he took it down
Sent by Cecilia581,Mar 26, 2023
lmao plz
Sent by LittleMix,Mar 26, 2023
Cecilia581 thank you for your service!
Sent by arskinsky78,Mar 26, 2023

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