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Multi Meaning

Mar 24, 2023 by arskinsky78
Does this just mean playing on another account or does it mean that someone is playing with two accounts in the same game?

If it’s the former, what’s the point? So you can play with an obvious friend without making it obvious?

Educate me please. There’s been an influx lately and it’s giving R2G.


a little bit of both
Sent by Cullenhi,Mar 24, 2023
I use it to mean someone who is using multiple accounts at once (so it's synchronic) rather than someone who has had a previous account (sequential). That said, I still use "multi" for people who are making a new account without waiting for their ban to expire or whatever.

So maybe its meaning for me is "alt" with a negative meaning.
Sent by CJtheIslander,Mar 24, 2023
R2g was solely a 2nd account and u could not use ur main too or if u did u got banned. But there's been too many people making multis here recently and playing on both at once...
Sent by Kiki4ever,Mar 24, 2023
Multi would originally indicate the second, ie someone using miltiple accounts to play at once. I know when I first joined you were limited to just castings so I just made 3 additional accounts and had 4 for my first month.

Starting over on a new account with the former inactive or banned  is not a multi.. but over the years the term has been applied in that way as well. But technically that would not be a multi, especially if you’re just using the one and only account
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Mar 24, 2023
There is a limit of games that can be played at the same time per account, so a person who would want to play a lot would want to create a multi to play more.

Some people do it to play incognito and create some character/fantasy. Some people do it to practice comps. Some people did it to manipulate polls. Some people do it to join the same games and have double the votes. Etc etc.
Sent by bayonetta,Mar 24, 2023
All super helpful. Please feel free to tag any and all multis everyone. Would love to know which are common knowledge as I am clueless.
Sent by arskinsky78,Mar 24, 2023
Sent by Cullenhi,Mar 24, 2023

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