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There is only one rightful winner for 100 Days of Pop Girlies Nov 13, 2023
And she got eliminated in 32nd place…

so I have to vote for someone else to take the crown and it’s really not that hard.

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Save Ava
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Its the way i havent played a frooks in two months Oct 12, 2023
But log on multiple times a day to check on 100 days of pop girlies

My return is coming though
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100 days reflection post Aug 18, 2023
I am voting for the one who cast 90 votes. SeaViper

Impressive game play and you absolutely deserve the win.

The fact that I probably voted (almost) as many times (or maybe more) as the other finalist. More embarrassing for me tbh

I hope the hosts release the votes so I can apologize to the two people I voted almost daily. One was on BB16 and one exhibits fan behavior. Guesses? It was a gag lowkey. Special shout out to AAA alliance. Yes, I created an alliance with A names because I thought us being listed first alphabetically was a disadvantage and we needed to stick together. Turns out 3 votes isn’t shit when there’s decades of other people. TBH not sure if we even voted together but ILY AntonB @andalarew

39th place in 100 days … 1 survivor

Grats SeaViper!!  & thank you hosts

Guys comment on my fkn blog for once plz
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Tye Dye Shirt Compliments of THE QUEEN Aug 8, 2023
Thank you Cecilia581!! You’re so thoughtful and one of my all-time Tengaged favs (if not my absolute fav)

Have a great day. You deserve it!
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AppleTV+ kinda crushin it Jul 19, 2023
I finished Silo last week and just started Foundation yesterday. Silo was giving maaajor Snowpiercer vibes. The Silo finale was also phenomenal.

Dystopian shows get me through the tough times. Like work sucks but at least I’m not living underground in a Silo?

If you have any dystopian TV or movie reccs - please let me know! Love it all - from Handmaid’s Tale to The 3% to World War Z & The Last of Us. ALL!!!
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