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6th Hunger Games Day 8

Jan 2, 2020 by aria_grande
District 4:
Female Zandier Marvin, 17 turkeylover (5 Kills)

District 7:
Female Willow Hawthorne, 18 kindred7 *Volunteer* (3 Kills)

District 10:
Female Viscera Holstaine, 14 Absol
Male Cleaver Abernathy, 18 novamax243 *Volunteer* (3 Kills)

==Day 8==

Cleaver sits on the floor with his back against a house, rain starting to fall he puts his head in between his legs wishing that he stayed. He looks up, looking around to try and set his mind on to something else, but he can't. He keeps thinking about how he left Clementine and now that she is dead.
"Im sorry, Clem. I should have stayed. I will win for you" A tear runs down his face which he leaves, not caring that the audience sees his emotional side. Trying to stop himself he takes out the rest of the berries he had from his backpack at the cornucopia, which surprises him that he's got any left. He takes the first one squeezing it between his fingers, then licking them, smiling as he eats some more. After eating around a dozen he puts them away.
Cleaver looks around hearing more grunting sounds, and he recognises them.
"VISCERA" Cleaver runs towards the sounds as the sounds get louder and louder. He jives between houses as the voice goes almost next to him. Cleaver stops looking around seeing a weak Viscera
"What happened" Cleaver rushes to Viscera's side stroking her head as her eyes open only a slight.
"Cleaver?" Viscera speaks quietly trying to catch all the breath she has left.
"Im here, dont worry, just look you will be ok" Cleaver tries to hold back his emotions knowing that it's the end for her but knowing that he can't show it to her.
"Am i dying?" Viscera looks at Cleaver putting her hand above his "I'm sorry we couldn't do this together, we should have always been together"
"Its fine, your not going to die, I'm here all the time, just lie back and look up" Cleaver tears up as Viscera closes her eyes.

Willow hears the cannon going off trying to recognise who it could be.
"So either 1 from 10 or Zandier from 4. Probably the girl from 10" Willow picks her bag up walking closer to the cornucopia knowing that they will most likely draw them there for the finale. She treads on the soft ground seeing that the grass around the houses has started to turn into mud rather than just grass.

Zandier hears the cannon sitting at the cornucopia laughing knowing there is only 3 of them left giving her a better chance of surviving


The anthem:
District 10 Female

24th: Terra Lortor 17 Righttocensor - District 12 Female - Killed by Zandier
23rd: Otto Urt 16 tester - District 6 Male - Killed by Clementine
22nd: Raven Benet 13 cocovanderbilt - District 6 Female - Killed by Cleaver
21st: Laymit Jinetac 14 tinkerbelll - District 5 Female - Killed by Amazon
20th: Tecida Worn 12 galore - District 8 Male - Killed by Amazon/Cressida
19th: Kerne Williem 14 gumball221520 - District 9 Male - Killed by Terran
18th: Lux Vinelle 15 cadden - District 1 Male - Killed by Porter
17th: Grist Plawee 13 girllover101 - District 9 Female - Killed by The careers
==Day 2==
16th: Linux Dafe 12 NPC - District 3 Male - Killed by Porter
15th: Corey Knight 14 myiel - District 12 Male - Killed by Willow
14th: Amazon Toor 17 yonaka - District 2 Male - Killed by Vine Mutts
==Day 3==
13th: Calamari Wies 18 nateclove - District 4 Male - Killed by Willow/Terran
==Day 4==
12th: Cressida Moale 16 melindamrskk - District 2 Female - Killed by Twyla
11th: Thorn Kernel 15 mbarnish1 - District 11 Male - Killed by Vine Mutts
==Day 5==
10th: Terran Jayla 18 ricardogv - District 7 Male - Killed by Clementine/ Cleaver
9th: Twyla Cealia 17 adamgrant - District 8 Female - Killed by Clementine/Cleaver
==Day 7==
8th: Pachess Mega 13 kalypsoblack - District 3 Female - Killed by Clementine
7th: Topaz Hemshire 12 maryjane420 - District 1 Female - Killed by Zandier
6th: Porter Michael 15 @reyjans - District 5 Male - Killed by Zandier
5th: Clementine Kernel 17 minie - District 11 Female - Killed by Zandier



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