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6th Hunger Games Day 5

Dec 28, 2019 by aria_grande
District 1:
Female Topaz Hemshire, 12 maryjane420

District 3:
Female Pachess Mega, 13 kalypsoblack

District 4:
Female Zandier Marvin, 17 turkeylover (2 Kills)

District 5:
Male Porter Michaels, 15 reyians (2 Kills)

District 7:
Female Willow Hawthorne, 18 kindred7 *Volunteer* (3 Kills)
Male Terran Jayla, 18 ricardogv (3 Kills)

District 8:
Female Twyla Cealia , 17 adamgrant (2 Kills)

District 10:
Female Viscera Holstaine, 14 Absol
Male Cleaver Abernathy, 18 novamax243 *Volunteer* (1 Kill)

District 11:
Female: Clementine Kernel, 17 minie (1 Kill)

==Day 5==

Twyla, Terran and Willow are sorting out the cornucopia. Twyla looks in better condition than she was the past few days as her wound has started to heal up. She keeps a watch on the village area to check that no more sneak attacks occur like the one with Cressida a day earlier. Not much conversation happens between them as they are all seemingly focused on there job at hand.

Twyla: How long do you think they will have this games on for?

Neither Terran or Willow make a sound as they are starting to stack there small amount of supplies in a pile in the middle of the cornucopia so no one can get it. The two of them walk over sitting back near Twyla not seeing Clementine and Cleaver near a house just north from them.

Clementine looks at Terran who is completely exposed to her arrows. She looks at Cleaver and then lets an arrow off which hits the pillar that he is next to. It is almost a second till Terran realises but hes too late as another goes straight into his heart

Both Clementine and Cleaver look at each other rushing forward to the two careers that are left with their weapons raised. Willow looks at them thinking if she should run or not. Completely ignoring Twyla she grabs Terran's bag rushing off letting Cleaver finish off Twyla to an axe to the head.

Clementine looks at Cleaver smiling at him knowing that they have completely destroyed the career pack.

Clementine: Well done. We did good. Final 8 soon to be final 2.

The two of smile at each other as they settle down looking at the darkening clouds.


Zandier is on one of the houses watching Pachess and Topaz make a sort of camp in the alleyway of two other houses. Zandier studies them grabbing her blowgun. She looks at it seeing that she hasnt actually used it yet. Before she does anything she decides to listen to the two girls who are talking

Pachess: Why didnt you kill me then? You had every chance to.
Topaz: I guess i'm not that type of person to go around killing. I was camouflaged and i saw you. I thought we could be teamed.

Zandier sniggers at this, loading her blowdart gun and moving herself into a more comfortable position waiting for the right moment to attack.

Pachess: Thats a bit stupid right? Me I'm a 13 year old who gets excited about anything. Even seeing a dog.

Topaz bursts out laughing realising that Pachess hasnt even saw a dog before even though she has been killing them to keep herself alive.

Topaz: Your joking me right. I've been killing them animals for days. I see them all the time. Back in 1, most families have some sort of pet. Just depends on if you are rich or not.

Pachess nods at Topaz not realising her face has turned to a sad emotion. Topaz looks at the dart that sticks out of her arm. Turning around, the both of the see Zandier standing ferociously on the roof smiling at the two girls as she slides down. Pachess and Lux start to run for their loves splitting up not seeing that Zandier has disappeared and is no longer chasing them. The two of them look at each other, Pachess looking more tired than Topaz who has taken the blowdart out of her arm.

Pachess: How bad is it?
Topaz: It aint that bad. Just hurts. Lets go into a house, rest. Make sure to not make noise as it may alert Zandier
Pachess: Where did she go anyway?

Topaz shakes her head as Pachess helps Topaz into a house letting her sit down on the floor applying pressure on the wound that Zandier made.


Porter is near the cornucopia. After being attacked he has stayed in the same position for most of the game with just moving to get some food and water when he needs to. He looks at his wound that was made on day 2. Due to the blanket being soaked with blood he has started to rip off some of his clothing to keep the pressure on the wound.

Porter thinks back to the time when Clementine and Cleaver attacked the careers. He tries to come up with an idea to stop the duo in their tracks. He tries to hear what they are saying but he is too far away from them to actually clearly find out what they are saying which makes him give up lying on his back being covered by the alley.


Viscera looks around knowing that only 8 are left. She starts to think about how that she is the only one left out of her original alliance left and that she could win it. She starts to tend to her wounds placing some compresses on the affected areas that have seemed to started to heal alot.

Starting to get tired, Viscera climbs upon a roof to get some rest knowing that the next few days will be very stressful due to the lack of people remaining in the games.


The anthem:
District 7 Male
District 8 Female

24th: Terra Lortor 17 Righttocensor - District 12 Female - Killed by Zandier
23rd: Otto Urt 16 tester - District 6 Male - Killed by Clementine
22nd: Raven Benet 13 cocovanderbilt - District 6 Female - Killed by Cleaver
21st: Laymit Jinetac 14 tinkerbelll - District 5 Female - Killed by Amazon
20th: Tecida Worn 12 galore - District 8 Male - Killed by Amazon/Cressida
19th: Kerne Williem 14 gumball221520 - District 9 Male - Killed by Terran
18th: Lux Vinelle 15 cadden - District 1 Male - Killed by Porter
17th: Grist Plawee 13 girllover101 - District 9 Female - Killed by The careers
==Day 2==
16th: Linux Dafe 12 NPC - District 3 Male - Killed by Porter
15th: Corey Knight 14 myiel - District 12 Male - Killed by Willow
14th: Amazon Toor 17 yonaka - District 2 Male - Killed by Vine Mutts
==Day 3==
13th: Calamari Wies 18 nateclove - District 4 Male - Killed by Willow/Terran
==Day 4==
12th: Cressida Moale 16 melindamrskk - District 2 Female - Killed by Twyla
11th: Thorn Kernel 15 mbarnish1 - District 11 Male - Killed by Vine Mutts



Hopefully me and pachess can think smarter not harder we are no match to these killing machines
Sent by MaryJane420,Dec 29, 2019
Im the only one voting... come on guys aria works very hard on this the least you could do is plus!?!?
Sent by MaryJane420,Dec 29, 2019

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