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Ricochet Season 1, Ep 1 "Getaway"

Apr 1, 2019 by aria_grande
(Main group)
Kimmy Mcfallen, aria_grande
Summer Whitner, tizian
Rose-Maria Ortiz, rosemaria
Olivia, saskiarae
Xavier *Munchies* Much, munchies
Michelle So, tizian
Michael Groves, bigbrother10101
Annabelle Ramsey, aria_grande
Matthew Barnish, mbarnish1
Eli Ortiz, rosemaria
Saskia, saskiarae

Billy,  bvance1212
Oli Grubb,  mrpokeguy9
Nox,  colincoco

Episode 1: (Getaway)

The Camera pans onto an empty street, then to a blood stained corridor. Around the area growls are heard as the camera pans onto a group of people running away from some walkers. Screams are heard as they kill the walkers that they was getting chased by. A girls voice is discreetly heard as she directs her group up the stairs that are in the apartment.

Girl: Come on. Lets go.

The people enter the apartment building one after another and head up the stairs.

Eli: Follow me. We can stay in my Nan's apartment block.
Kimmy: Okay come on. Rose you okay bringing up the back.
Rose-Maria: Yea i am fine. Come on Olivia

The group hurry up and reach the apartment as they pour into the apartment. The figures all reach the inside of the apartment as all the figures are closed of by a plastic door.

-End scene-

A young man walks through the streets of Seattle as he stabs a zombie in the head. He yanks his knife out of the head of the zombie as he kicks the carcass to the ground not taking much notice at any of the zombie's featured: Eyes, nose, hair. He just takes it as another body as he lets the rain drip from his nose onto his torn jacket.

Oli: This bloody world.

He walks away from the body as he takes a sip from a water bottle that he taken from his backpack.

The camera pans away from the boy zooming in on the clouds that rain above him

-End scene-

The camera pans back onto the apartment as the girls of the group start to bed down for the night. One of the girls start to make small conversation with the others knowing that they will be safe for a couple of days in the apartment.

Summer: How we all feeling about doing this?
Kimmy: Doing what?
Saskia: If you mean like living here for a bit i am okay with it. I feel its better than running all the time. I feel bad for what happened though.
Summer: I know, i feel that they was the lucky ones. They dont have to live like this anymore.
Olivia: Summer's right Saskia. I know its hard to hear but they are better where they are now. They dont have to worry about what is going to happen to them next. Has anyone not experienced any loss yet.
Kimmy: I dont think Annabelle has.
Annabelle: No i havent. I dont have any family to lose so well how can you lose them if you havent got any.

The rest of the girls but Kimmy are in confusion as they dont know what happened before to Annabelle.

-End scene-

The camera pans onto a highway with the city in the background. Horns of cars ring out on the highway as screams upon screams are heard as a horde sweeps through the abandoned cars devouring anything that moves or makes a sound. One person tries to run the zombies but just crash killing themselves upon impact. A loud bang follows it drawing the zombies into the car.

-End scene-

Back at the apartment, the boys are settling down for the night after the girls have all fell asleep. The boys try to whisper as they talk but every so often their voices are too loud and one of the girls goes to wake up but then goes back to sleep.

Xavier: Now whats the plan? We staying here permanently or what?
Eli: Definitely no. Its not permanently a settlement for us.
Matthew: Didnt think so. As we are so in the open out here. We could be killed easily if we was attacked by walkers right now
Michael: So why have we came here then?
Eli: We had no choice. It was either this or die. And i know which one i would like to be.

Michael rolls his eyes at Eli even though he knows that what he is saying is true. They carry on speaking to each other for well over 30 minutes as they start to bed down for the night.

-End scene-

On the next morning, food supplies are running low which rose and Eli are the first to recognise.

Rose: Guys we really need to go to get some supplies.
Michelle: I am with you. We are really on the low at the moment.
Rose: Eli, Babe you coming.
Eli: Yeah. I want to help with getting our supplies.

Only 4 people volunteer to go: Rose, Michelle, Eli and Michael. The four start to collect a weapon each preparing themselves for whats to come.

Eli: Guys we will be back later.

The rest of the group wish the 4 good luck as Eli says something else

Eli: Come on, i know a good place to search. There's a place not far from here. Lets go.

The four race down the stairs quietly not to attract any walkers to their position.

-End scene-

Oli is in the convenience store that the other group are nearing to. In the background of him collecting his supplies for the road ahead he hears the others talking in faint voices. He carries on collecting some food until he hears them coming closer making him very unnerved by their presence.

Oli: Shit.

Oli rushes into the back store cupboard as the others enter and start to fill their bags up with all they can find.

Michelle: You was right, Eli theres loads in here.
Michael: Wait guys take these for protection

Michael hands the group a pistol and a machete each that he found in the ammunition store next to the store. He also gives them a Kevlar vest each for protection.

Eli: Nice find bud. Now lets hurry out of here. We are vulnerable if we are here too long. Michael carry on loading the ammunition into your bag and lets go

Everyone follows his orders until Michelle hears someone in the back. With her gun raised she enters with precaution. She turns the corner to see the boy in the corner with his knife raised up.

Michelle shouts out to the others.

Michelle: Guys i have found someone

The others rush to her forming a small crowd of people in the back of the convenience store.

Michelle: Hey. Whats your name?
Oli *gulps*: Its Oli. Nice to meet you.
Michelle: Hey i am michelle, this is Eli, Rose and Michael.
Oli: Cool

Oli goes to walk out of the convenience store as Rose grabs his hand.

Rose: Hey dont go? Come with us. We have food, water shelter. We could help you.

Oli considers the offer for a second

Oli: No thank you. I am fine on my own.

Oli shrugs off Rose's gesture as he walks off down the road away from the water the group came. They all question his decision as they finish off their supply run.

Eli: Lets go. We have what we came for.

Originally unverved, Michelle looks un easy as she exits the store with the rest of the group heading back to the apartment

-End scene-

The 4 enter the apartment building the rest of the group are staying in. They open the door obviously pleased with themselves on what they got. All but Michelle are hapy about it as Michelle constantly thinks about the boy they found in the store only minutes ago.

Michael: Hey Michelle you ok? You seem off?
Michelle: No actually

The group stops and looks at Michelle

Michelle: I feel that i knew him. When the virus started i saw him with a group of about 3.
Eli: Do you know him personally though?
Michelle: I feel i do. But i cant put my finger on it.

The group head up one of the flights of stairs to see that Eli has stopped dead in his tracks.

Rose: Eli whats the matter
Eli: Look.

Eli points at the wall infront of them seeing large splatters of dried blood.

Eli: Shit guys we will have to move soon. This is too unsafe for us to stay here.

Eli examines the blood wondering if its fresh or not.

Eli: By the looks of it, its been here a while but still we do have to move
Rose: I agree. Now lets wait till morning and go on the road. We may find those safe zone things the radio had been talking about a couple of days ago.

The four carry onto the apartment as the ending music plays of the episode.

Hope you liked the first episode:

Thoughts on the episode?
Thoughts on them taking shelter in Eli's nan's apartment?
Is there any stand out leader at the moment? And if so who is it?
Who do you think is the most likely to die first?
How do you feel Oli will affect the group?
Both Billy and Nox wasnt even mentioned in the episode, How do you feel that they will be added to the season?
Favourite Character (Please be honest and not just yourself)
Least favourite character
Any thoughts on coming events?



I’m like oli so far, and I’m worried about my character is going to be like.
Sent by Bvance1212,Apr 1, 2019
me and Eli really dominating the episode. I approve.
Sent by RoseMaria,Apr 1, 2019
I stan episode 1
Sent by SaskiaRae,Apr 1, 2019
Thoughts on the episode? Greta first episode, loving the detail can’t wait to see how everyone will development and what storylines will emerge

Thoughts on them taking shelter in Eli's nan's apartment? It’s good for now but won’t be a permanent resolution

Is there any stand out leader at the moment? And if so who is it? Um I guess Rose or Eli, they seem like the dominant 2 at the moment but we still have so many more people to meet

Who do you think is the most likely to die first? I honestly can’t say

How do you feel Oli will affect the group? I think Oli’s personality will clash with people, as well Oli being gay could be a factor on how they treat him

Both Billy and Nox wasnt even mentioned in the episode, How do you feel that they will be added to the season? Either with Oli in a group of 3 or in a surprise wat

Favourite Character (Please be honest and not just yourself) too early to say
Least favourite character too early to say
Any thoughts on coming events? No thoughts as of yet but again great first episode, can’t wait for the next one
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Apr 1, 2019
If me and Billy just out there not being mentioned we might be ded probably not though
Sent by ColinCoco,Apr 2, 2019
colincoco your no appearing till episode 4 but you get a lot of storyline
Sent by aria_grande,Apr 2, 2019
Sent by ColinCoco,Apr 2, 2019
I will respond sooner or later! :)
Sent by Tizian,Apr 2, 2019
Thoughts on the episode?
> I liked it! Very fun and debuted us into the world of walkers!
Thoughts on them taking shelter in Eli's nan's apartment?
> Well, they have to stay somewhere.
Is there any stand out leader at the moment? And if so who is it?
> Not really. Everyone kinda says whatever and people go along with it.
Who do you think is the most likely to die first?
> I mean, there was no interaction / action of anything detrimental, so really I cannot deliberate on that. I guess the team is really prepared, I mean kevlar vests and guns for almost everyone.. probably an outsider being honest
How do you feel Oli will affect the group?
I mean, he really only effects Michelle, so... I guess she will just have him on her mind.
Both Billy and Nox wasnt even mentioned in the episode, How do you feel that they will be added to the season?
> They gonna be introduced like "LOL kill 'em" kinda people or bring them to a different sanctuary.
Favourite Character (Please be honest and not just yourself)
> um... as far as episode 1 goes I don't have one.
Least favourite character
> The people who had like... 0 screen time.
Any thoughts on coming events?
> Well if I stay ready, I don't have to get ready for some drama
Sent by Tizian,Apr 5, 2019

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