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4th Hunger games Day 6

Dec 17, 2018 by aria_grande
District 1
Female Milan Wreath 13 nicolef (5)
Male Sterling Palace 16 wyatt2001 (5)

District 4
Male Caspian Cascade 17 stunzer (8) (1 kill)

District 5
Female Claudia Pollux 16 slipperynoodle (6) (1 kill)

District 7
Female Juniper Spruce 17 jameslu (7) (1 kill)
Male Bradack Lindell 13 tester (2)

District 8
Female Angora Polka 18 shadowman (7) (3 kills)
Male Rouche Wheel 16 tommyd (6) (1 kill)

District 10
Female Sierra Timmons 18 purplebb4 (6) (1 Kill)

District 11
Male Saigon Fowl 17 kuririn (6) (1 kill)

District 12
Female Raven Flint 18 fireblade (8) (2 kills)

1) Nothing notable happened on day 5
2) Shared kill for Jackson

==Day 6==

(A second lot of rushing water is heard in the south of the arena. Several tributes watch as the second river floods the south making it inhabitable for anyone to stay their pushing everyone up north or at the cornucopia.)

Milan and Sterling are at the cornucopia trying to gather their bearing watching as the arena changes around them. Metres away both Raven and Caspian are eyeing up their next targets ready to pounce.

"Okay then. You go for her and i will go for him. They will be easy kills" The alliance splits up as Caspian goes after sterling and Raven after Milan. The two watch the tributes carefully waiting for the chance.

Raven bolts out of the water swinging her axe into the air where Milan just was. Milan turns her back swinging her whip onto Raven's head making her drop to the ground. Raven tries to pick her self up as Milan spears her to the ground once again. To Raven's anger she knocks a punch in her face and once more. Looking up seeing the blood from Milan's nose, Raven uses her strength to push the girl off sending an axe into the girl's stomach. Holding it she rushes off to the river trying to swim but the blood leaking out.

Raven runs over to see Sterling getting his head bashes in by Caspian then finished off with a spear to the neck.


Then they run to the struggling girl who is swimming for her life trying to get away. Caspian nods at Raven giving her the go ahead to kill Milan. Raven then swims straight up to the girl pushing her head under the water hitting it off of the shallow banks streaming more blood from her eye. Milan carries to thrash about only to be overpowered again and sent to the ground as Raven carries on holding the girl under the water who is struggling for breath.

As raven is going to finish the job she gets her axe and brings Milan but to the surface. Hoping for air Milan is relieved only to get an axe to the back of her neck.


The two then rush off taking non of the supplies due to its lack of worth.


Hearing the cannons going off a wary Bradack doesnt see where he is going not realising he is about to fall off of a water fall. He goes to take another step as he falls into the water snapping bone after bone as he bangs against the rocks. When he reaches the bottom his skeleton looks unrecognisable as his body is that battered and bruised. He takes a single breath before the cannon.



Juniper sees the body falling and runs to the scene to see the body of her dead partner just their. A tear runs down her face as he knew her well from the lumber district they both came from and loved. She watches from a far as his lifeless body gets swung up in the air by the hovercraft

==Bloodbath== (started at 10AM)
24th: Marshall Falc 14 District 10 Male Killed by Raven *Lasted 1 minute 1 second* etitanic12
23rd: Cassidy Bishop 17 District 3 Female Killed by Mercedes *Lasted 1 minute 34 seconds* pikaplayer
22nd: Mercedes Anderson 18 District 6 Female Killed by Caspian *Lasted 1 minutes 39 seconds* latisha0987
21st: Brighton Pearce 18 District 2 Male Killed by Quinton *Lasted 1 minute 56 seconds* Macda27
20th: Quinton Spark 14 District 5 Male Killed by Juniper *Lasted 2 minutes 16 seconds* naegi_makoto
==Day 1==
19th: Victoria Ynx 16 District 2 Female Killed by Raven *Lasted 6 hours 20 minutes 12 seconds* foxy_piplup
18th: Robyn Fowl 12 District 11 Female Killed by Victoria *Lasted 6 hours 21 minutes 2 seconds* brainjak
==day 2==
17th: Brooke Hudson 16 District 4 Female Killed by Saigon *Lasted 1 day 6 hours 3 minutes 12 seconds* avstractiv
16th: Vulcan Bunder 18 District 3 Male Killed by Angora *Lasted 1 day 8 hours 5 minutes 45 seconds* novamax243
15th: Axel Pick 14 District 12 Male Killed by Claudia *Lasted 1 day 13 hours 7 minutes 6 seconds* tcold312
==Day 3==
14th: Bretid Omri 12 District 9 Male Killed by Sierra *Lasted 2 days 3 hours 4 minutes 12 seconds* atom1cevan
==Day 4==
13th: Magnolia Barric 13 District 9 Female Killed by Angora *Lasted 3 days 12 minutes 59 seconds*
12th: Jackson Hearse 14 District 6 Male Killed by Angora/Rouche *Lasted 3 days 13 minutes 14 seconds* c00ldude1000



Well, i didnt show up, but atleast im alive
Sent by Kuririn,Dec 17, 2018
rip :(
Sent by Tester,Dec 18, 2018

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