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2nd hunger games day 4

Nov 4, 2018 by aria_grande
Year 2 tributes:

District 1
Female: Adelaide Hopkins 17  adeleadele (9) (2 kills)

district 2:
Male: Neptune Bledsoe 16  knowyourself (4)

district 4:
Male: James X 16  j2999 (11)

district 5:
Female: Vivian Scorch 13  tizian (4)

district 6:
Female: Light Boo 16 thelightiscoming (5)

district 8:
Male: Alton Haeger 16 brainjak (8)

district 11:
Female:Evelyn Grainer 16  purplebb4 (7) (1 kill)

==Day 4==

Alton lays in the woods. It was only a few hours ago that he bandaged his wounds and already they are in need of changing. He pulls out the first aid kit, seeing already he needs another. The guaze and tape are low and the antibacterial cream is already gone after he splurged on it doing the first round of bandages.
Suddenly he hears something, something moving....Someone. He presses himself in the small cavern he found, the cavern only being a couple feet deep but just enough to wedge his body in to make it harder to be seen. He knows he is not in the shape to fight and would likely loose but grabs his weapon anyways, readying himself.
He hears the person getting closer. The leaves crackling under their feet. And that's when he sees her. Vivian looks around the corner of the cavern, looking right at Alton. For a moment the two just stare at each other. Wondering whether to run, wondering if they should attack.
“You're hurt,” Vivian chokes out.
Alton remembers seeing Vivian and Zach in the training centre, they were inseparable. And likely are together even right now.
Vivian looks at him thinking for a moment. Vivian pulls out a sponsor gift she had gotten earlier. She opens it revealing a first aid kit.
“Wanna make a deal?” Vivian smirks.


Adelaide and Neptune are walking back to where the huge fight happened between the 8 of them 2 days ago. They look at each other knowing the risk there is going back to the site of honey's Katherine's and Xenia's deaths. They look at the newly cleaned area with a small sprinkling of snow that covers the ground. There cold boots makes breaks in the snow as they tread through the area. Adelaide brings her sword out and starts to climb on the nearby trees. "What are you doing, adelaide" Neptune questions the integrity of Adelaide until she reaches a bunch of berries several meters up. "Wont be a second". Adelaide looks down as she breaks the bunch of berries off the tree. She then starts to climb down the trunk back to the ground. Looking down a couple of meters she jumps down which gives her a small knock but nothing major.

"Here" Adelaide passes a small amount of berries to neptune then keeping the rest for herself. Neptune looks at the berries in uncertainty. "Dont worry, there fine, i had them before back in 1, they are harmless and quite tasty with a tanginess to them". Neptune gives a huge sigh as he shoves the berries into his mouth. He then licks his lips taking the juices from his lips. "MMM thanks, there really nice".
"I know they are that's why i got them". The two laugh as they stand back up and start to try and find dry firewood.


Evelyn is heading onto the outskirts of the cornucopia till she hears a roar coming from down below from the forest. Evelyn's face changes as she heads back towards the mouth of the cornucopia. The worry on her face makes her look startled.
Evelyn crawls through the narrow opening, roots and dirt hitting at her face as she climbs out of the den into the open air. She brushes what dirt she can off of her before going to the supply stack, collecting water, boiling it, saving it. It was the same routine everyday, but she knew it was keeping her alive. The arena was so dense and large that the chances of another tribute finding her were slim. As long as the Capitol kept getting deaths at a steady pace then she would be fine with staying away from the others, the gamemakers would leave her alone. But if the deaths stop thats when she knows she is in trouble, she would be pushed into the open, forced to fight her way to survive.


James is at the bottom of the mountain by one of the winding paths up to the cornucopia wondering if he should start to walk up. He starts to question going up or keep at the bottom. He decides to stay back at the bottom thinking about to stay there for another day before searching for tributes and letting his wounds heal. Not realising Light is watching him, he sits down near a tree taking his back pack off and putting it on his lap. He then takes his canteen out from his back and sips the half amount of water he has left in the canteen. He licks his dry lips as he swallows the water in delight, wishing he could be back home.

end of episode

24th Mikey Shaw, 13 District 12  killed by Ayesha *Lasted 17 seconds*
23rd Mahiru Koizumi,17 District 3 killed by Madi *Lasted 34 seconds*
22nd Oregon Lyson 15  District 11 killed by Katherine *Lasted 36 seconds*
21st Karter Mahay, 15 District 9 killed by Gabriel *Lasted 59 seconds*
20th Gabriel Miyamoto, 17 District 7 killed by Patrick *Lasted 1 minute, 12 seconds*
19th Patrick Van-deer, 18 District 1 killed by Gabriel/Adele *Lasted 1 minute, 18 seconds*
18th Rock star, 18, District 6 killed by Brenda *Lasted 1 minutes 39 seconds*
17th Brenda Lowe 18, District 7 killed by Rock *Lasted 1 minute, 41 seconds*
16th Ayesha Suljic,18 District 10 Killed by Zach *Lasted 3 minutes, 2 seconds*
==Day 1==
15th Madi Vandergrif,17 District 4 Killed by Grea *Lasted 4 hours, 23 minutes, 1 second*
==Day 2==
14th: Honey Bunch 16 district 2 Killed by Xenia *Lasted 1 day 30 seconds*
13th: Katherine Orleans 17 District 8 Killed by xenia *Lasted 1 day 1 minute, 7 seconds*
12th: Xenia-Rae Knightley 16 district 9 Killed by Adelaide *Lasted 1 day 3 minutes, 2 seconds*
==Day 3==
11th Praskovya Murayova 12 District 12 Killed by Ralph *Lasted 2 days 2 minutes, 1 second
10th Ralph Stevens 16 District 3 Killed by Praskovya *Lasted 2 days 2 minutes 3 seconds*
9th Zach pine 18 District 5 Killed by Evelyn *Lasted 2 days, 4 hours 45 minutes 34 seconds*
8th Grea *Great noob* Noo 12 District 10 Killed by The beast *Lasted 11 hours 23 minutes 2 seconds*




Me still slaying
Sent by adeleadele,Nov 4, 2018

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