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2nd hunger games Day 1

Oct 24, 2018 by aria_grande
Year 2 tributes:

District 1
Female: Adelaide Hopkins 17  adeleadele (9) (1 kill)

district 2:
Male: Neptune Bledsoe 16  knowyourself (4)
Female: Honey Bunch 13  honeybunch1 (7)

district 3:
Male: Ralph Stevens levvy (8)

district 4:
Male: James X 16  j2999 (11)
Female: Madi Vandergrif 17  maddog16 (7) (1 kill)

district 5:
Male: Zach Pine 18  tommy123 (2) (1 kill)
Female: Vivian Scorch 13  tizian (4)

district 6:
Female: Light Boo 16 thelightiscoming (5)

district 8:
Male: Alton Haeger 16 brainjak (8)
Female: Katherine Orians 17 top20fan33 (11) (1 kill)

district 9:
Female: Xenia-Rae Knightly 16 aria_grande (8)

district 10:
Male: Grea *Great Noob*  Noo 12 c00ldude1000 (4)

district 11:
Female:Evelyn Grainer 16  purplebb4 (7)

district 12:
Female: praskovya murayova 12 hellocat (6)

Day 1/ Episode 2

Adelaide, Neptune, Honey and Ralph are running down one of the winding paths that are descending from the mountain peak. With Adelaide in front and neptune, Honey and Ralph dragging themselves behind her. Being infornt no one can see her emotion, so adelaide looks up into the sky thinking about patrick's death. She looks at the others who are occupied and then back to the sky. A tear fills her eye as she knows she has to win for not just her but Patrick too and also his family. Neptune unknowingly is standing behind her. "Are you okay". Adelaide shrugs her shoulders and then looks back to the front with the careers speed picking up getting lower down the mountain and too the small forest that is surrounding the mountain.


James and Madi are in one of the caves that are in the middle of the winding paths. They look at each other then also at their weapons with blood on. The two give a confident smile on them knowing both of them are alive. But suddenly after the confidence is faded. The realisation about sorting out the injury that Madi got from her fight with Mahiru. With only a small amount of spear sticking into her shoulder ,she pulls it out with a small squeal affter a small amount of blood squirts out over James. They laugh until they realise their locations and they hold onto the wound for a while. Knowing they cant make much noise they smile at each other once again.

Not knowing that outside is the great noob, the two keep fixing madi's wound. Whereas outside, The great noob is holidng his grenade in delight. Pulling the pin he lets go of the grenade letting it roll into the cave while running down the hill away from the possible death place. While as the two are fixing her wound they see the strange ball roll into the cave. They look at each other until. Bang. Body parts are flying every where. Madi's body is blown to pieces as James is just watching in awe aprrehended to know if sher is dead or not.


James is horrified as the body of madi is blown to pieces. "I love you" As james tears up he knows he has to move, knowing hes got a few injuries he tries to get out of the cave he and his dead district partner was camping knowing the hovercraft will need to get madi. He exits the cave cautiously watching if anyone is waiting for him to exit. He takes a few seconds and runs off quickly down the hill.


[Night 1]

Praskovya is walking in the forest at the bottom of the mountain wondering about the secrets that is lurking in the forest. Knowing that her district partner is dead, she focuses on surviving the night and starts to climb a tree which has some trees in and a sharp bark making it quite easy to climb upon. Using her blade, the blade enables her to climb onto a branch of a tree. Looking at her surrounding she decides to rest the night in the tree hoping to have a peaceful night sleep.


James is still walking down his path, watching where he has came from to see if anyone is following him, he also looks straight at the cave that he lost madi at "Oh Madi, what happened? We was doing so well". As he is looking away towards the cave he doesnt recognise that Grea is hiding in the growth in the forest. Not noticing the boy, james carries on towards the forest. Knowing he is injured Grea screams at James weilding his sword in the air in fury shouting "I killed the gril of 4 now its your turn".

With that he swings his sword at james, While screaming James has swerved to the side making Grea's sword miss. The two then question to run with James holding his Trident and Grea holding his sword. The two make eye contact for a couple of seconds until, clatters of metal collide as the both tributes swing at each other. In the distance the district 12 female is watching the fight happening laughing and eating the small food she has.

At the fight, Grea starts to become hardcore when he starts slashing in all directions in a ploy to kill James. James then sees what he is doing and ets Grea carry it on while just standing there and throwing one of his knives at Grea which catches his fore arm. Using the chance he has, James then swings his across Grea's chest giving a shallow cut to his chest. James laughs at his success and tries again in confidence but Grea knows what James is doing and jumps away and slashing his back. The two look at each other for a sec and they both run into different areas with them both stumbling every couple of steps due to thier injuries.


Light is running across the forest planning on getting away from everyone else. She looks back smiling at every meter she gets away from other tributes and keeps running. As she carries on running she hears the tricle of water against rocks. She carries on running to it, to stumble into a clearing with a pond. Trying to stop herself it just makes her trip up, making her sink her body into the small pond. She smiles as she starts to drink the cool water. After replenishing her thirst. She starts to get out of the pond and grabs her canteen which is empty. She then starts to fill it up using the pond water.


The anthem:

District 4 female

24th Mikey Shaw, 13 District 12  killed by Ayesha *Lasted 17 seconds*
23rd Mahiru Koizumi,17 District 3 killed by Madi *Lasted 34 seconds*
22nd Oregon Lyson 15  District 11 killed by Katherine *Lasted 36 seconds*
21st Karter Mahay, 15 District 9 killed by Gabriel *Lasted 59 seconds*
20th Gabriel Miyamoto, 17 District 7 killed by Patrick *Lasted 1 minute, 12 seconds*
19th Patrick Van-deer, 18 District 1 killed by Gabriel/Adele *Lasted 1 minute, 18 seconds*
18th Rock star, 18, District 6 killed by Brenda *Lasted 1 minutes 39 seconds*
17th Brenda Lowe 18, District 7 killed by Rock *Lasted 1 minute, 41 seconds*
16th Ayesha Suljic,18 District 10 Killed by Zach *Lasted 3 minutes, 2 seconds*

Wow 10 dead in a day I am just dying at who died also. Sorry to who did but well its who chose it


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