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survivor Cayagan: Tribal 3

Apr 27, 2018 by aria_grande
Welcome apayao tribe. This is the tribal council.

Please grab a torch if you haven't got one already and dip it into the fire. This represents your life in the game.

Before i start does anyone have an idol and would like to use it

*No one stands*

Okay onto the votes

First vote is

Second vote is

third vote is

Now that is 1 vote for cooldude hellocat and queenkattie

3 votes left

4th vote

5th vote
c00ldude1000 (SELF VOTE)

6TH vote

we have a tie because one had a self vote he will go instead

The new apayao tribe

14th c00ldude1000 2-2-1-1 (Luzon/apayao)
=========Tribe swap=======
15th naegi_makoto 5-2 (apayao)
16th tdubsurvivor 5-2-1 (apayao)

Another shocking vote off but who will be next. With adeleadele coming back from idol the game could all change


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