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Spoons round 2 group A

10thMar 17, 2018 by aria_grande
Also the earliar rounds only 2 groups will be posted at a time

You may choose ONE player to give a spoon by tagging them (one per blog). Having a spoon means that person is safe. The last person to receive a spoon will be ELIMINATED. Also, if a blog ever expires and multiple people have not been saved, they will all be eliminated :x This can be changed if I say so

[[[ RULES ]]]
- anyone on tengaged may give a spoon
- can only give ONE person a spoon
- cannot give yourself a spoon
- if a player, you can give another player a spoon
- multi comments will not be counted

- Every round will be posted at random times and not necessarily after the previous round's blog has expired >:]

*** 85 people are left In the game

This round the last person who is not tagged will be eliminated. Tag the ONE player who you would like to see safe in this group:

19 left in the group

fighterman SAFE
mjfjune SAFE
divoobviamente SAFE
malachite05 SAFE
swadles SAFE
thewolfman SAFE
k4r4k SAFE
tman54445 SAFE
joaovictor SAFE
_Adidas_ SAFE
dibby1010 SAFE
shellbelle SAFE
xxhollycarrotxx SAFE
absol SAFE
tarag SAFE
roshy SAFE
petro SAFE
chapiadora ELIMINATED

For this time 2 will be eliminated


Group B:

Remember to plus the blog


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