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hunger games 2 bloodbath/ episode 1

Feb 7, 2018 by aria_grande
imagevictor list
year 1(jungle): Tori Watson 17 years old district 7 2 kills

M jack Dylan graser 18 years old lifeiscool 2
F mandy potter 12 years old sloth_roman 1

M Dustin Rivers 17 years old iivoloxity 6
F Matilda mainer-fleak 17 years old queenisha 4

M Ralph Stevens 16 years old levvy 1
F Mahiru Koizumi 17 years old pikaplayer 2

M Lake Water 16 years old matedog1209 5
FGrace Spring 17 years old me2013 4

M Zach Pine 18 years old tommy123 3
F Alycia Camero 15 years old varlto 9

M Liam Clewer 12 years old aria_grande 1
F Kayla Clewer 12 years old aria_grande 2

M Keizo Toru 17 years old foxy_piplup 4
F Taraejaei Taylor 16 years old jennavalentina 3

M Aaron Alder 17 years old novamax243 6
F Mia Culpa 12 years old iichaoskimmy 5

M Karter Mahay 15 years old brainjak 7
F Moala Grainer 13 years old purplebb4  8

M Skylar zim 14 years old willdabeast22 7
F Ayesha Suljic 18 years old purplebb4 6

M chico lecamerano 14 years old imapineapple 1
F Kokoro Otsuka 17 years old inthor 6

M Shadow Fallen 18 years old Icarus_mark 7
F Primrose Everdeen 13 years old yellowpenguin 3

The 24 tributes rise up into the arena and see scorching rays of heat penetrating there bodies. They look around and just see sand and a couple of oasis's dotted around the arena. But they suddenly here
Chico is the first to die even before the countdown has started. They all watch as his body gets flung up into the air.


Moala watches the cornucopia and looks at the weaponry and food and water. She catches her eyes on a bag that has lots of food and water and two weapons a trident and an axe

Lake positions himself and locks his eyes onto a trident and a bag

Grace also positions herself wile looking at lake knowing them two are a team


everyone sprints to the cornucopia

Keizo is the first to get to the cornucopia and get his hands on a spear. He swings it around in random ways hitting liam in the chest


Keizo immediately run away also in hand a loaf of bread and water

Grace is the next to get to their with lake. They both get a trident each and grace gets a bow and 12 arrows. Grace starts to shoot at keizo. After her second she hears screams from him.


Grace and lake then run off into the desert but moala strikes her sword onto lake cutting him in the back. Swiftly moala runs back to the cornucopia for more supplies while lake drags him self away from the cornucopia knowing he wont last long. Grace then gives him a merciless shot in the head to kill him


Mandy and jack are the next to get to the cornucopia. They frantically get supplies then run away.

Primrose grabs her 2 spears and throws them both to them. One hits jack in the neck and one hits mandy in the arm.


Mandy reluctantly runs off from jack knowing she is next.

Instead of going after mandy primrose collects her stuff then loots keizo's body.

mia and aaron are both in the cornucopia collecting supplies when moala strikes onto mia's neck leaving her to bleed out.


Aaron starts to run after her but then is caught by aysha

aaron: No let me go

Aysha grabs onto aaron and bangs his head against the cornucopia several times


Kayla finally reaches the cornucopia and gets a bag then runs of as does dustin. They both run off together.

people still in cornucopia:
moala,matilda,shadow , kokoro, Zach, Alycia, Taraejaei, skylar,karter and d3

Both Zach and shadow reach the cornucopia at the same time and get a bag for each of them. They both leave together

taraejaei decides to run away till skylar and karter grab her and stab her to death


Matilda starts to run up to skylar and karter and strikes two knives into skylars back but as she does karter bashes her head in with a crate.


The rest of the tributes run away from the cornucopia with them all moving in different directions

end of episode

the picture is where all the people are

also are you guys surprised at the 10 deaths?



I'm not too surprised, but I was surprised Lake got really hurt very early on.  But I'm totally looking forward to how this all plays out.  Moala seems like she's going to be a huge threat and pretty prominent.  :)
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Feb 7, 2018
Me dying in bloodbath???
Sent by iichaoskimmy,Feb 7, 2018
10 deaths is seems reasonable for a blood bath. Bummed I died though :( but not before I got a kill, so we cool
Sent by Willdabeast22,Feb 7, 2018
Alycia queen of floating...
Sent by varlto,Feb 7, 2018
woo Go Primrose!!! great episode
Sent by Yellowpenguin,Feb 7, 2018
queen of surviving
Sent by Sloth_Roman,Feb 7, 2018
Sent by Queenisha,Feb 7, 2018
Love it :))
Sent by purplebb4,Feb 7, 2018
Loved the BB and I lived to! Nice
Sent by pikaplayer,Feb 7, 2018
Stopped reading after I was killed.
Sent by Matedog1209,Feb 8, 2018

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