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hunger games 1: night 5/episode 9/finale

13thFeb 5, 2018 by aria_grande
M: Ocean water 17 years old matedog1209 3

F: tori Watson 17 years old dj2722 5

M:jayson Aldwell 16 years old brainjak 7

F:Evelyn Grainer 16 years old purplebb4 6

F:angella Neville 18 years old analiese 6

24th Tyler king,14,d7 pokerking (killed by dawn)
23rd Dawn Alfafa,16,d11 scooby0000 (killed by tori)
22nd Nick porter,13,d11 nnewman3 (killed by cleo)
21st Kate macdaris,17,d5 macda27 (killed by apple)
20th Mac Novaris,17,d5 novamax243 (killed by Jacob)
19th Leo kang,17 d6 eyoomarcus (killed by ocean)
---------------------DAY 2------------------------------
18th Mario golatzo,17,d10 mario23 (killed by Jacob)
17th Apple mayson,18,d3 me2013 (killed by silver)
16th sloth roman,13,d12 sloth_roman (killed by apple)
15th melonie ledgefield,15,d8 birks4444 (fell to death)
14th hiyoko Saionji,17,d2 pikaplayer (killed by angella)
13th alexa tia,18,d1 hellocat (killed by ocean)
---------------------DAY 3-----------------------------
12th x holder,18, d2 firex (killed by wolf)
11th Karen Sharapova,17,d6 girllover101 (killed by weaton)
10th silver low,15,d12 silver09 (killed by lev)
---------------------------DAY 4-----------------------------
9th lev Bolt, 14, d3 levvy (killed by ocean)
8th weaton cross,14 d9 iichaoskimmy (killed by Jacob)
7th Jacob becton, 18, d1 lifeiscool (killed by tori)
------------------------------DAY 5------------------------------
6th Cleo Kavanagh,16, d4 aria_grande (killed by ocean)

Episode 9 /night 5
*Jacob did die and he is 7th
Evelyn keeps watch as the fire gradually runs closer and closer towards the cornucopia and the clearing. She gets up from her relaxing position and gets her weapon, a sword from weatons body , and gestures it towards the jungle. She starts to move her leg back as she hears some shaking. She gets into a sturdy position waiting for the thing to reveal themselves. After several minutes of waiting evelyn just slumps back onto the ground in boredom.
Angella just watches as evelyn loses focus and when she does Angella shoots two wooden spears at her one misses and the other catches in her pelvis. Evelyn comes back from her daze and limps over to where Angella shot the spear. Evelyn gets half way to the tree line realising angella is back at the cornucopia. As evelyn turns around another wooden spear catches her eyebrow which blinds her one eye. She tries to stumble back to the cornucopia but as she does her pelvis starts to get worse and worse. Evelyn then falls down onto the ground as angella blows a dart into her neck. As she dies she chokes on her own blood. Several seconds after she has her last breath and dies.
Her last words are “This is for Moala, Moala be strong”
*boom *

Angella looks down as evelyn says that and she puts her hand to her chest knowing that the statement has touched her deeply . After whats happened,  Angella grabs the stuff she got and looks preciously at the spear that evelyn got and races back to the cornucopia. She then starts to lay a trap around the cornucopia with the supplies she found. As she sets up the trap she runs to the cornucopia and waits there with her blowdarts in hand.


Angella stays by the cornucopia waiting for anyone who steps onto the plains. She keeps her eyes on the jungle as the fire burns around her. She suddenly hears a man screams. She then knows its the fire that is catching up to people. Angella then gets onto her guards as she runs to a tribute who has run into one of her traps. She runs closer to the tribute realising its the district 7 male: jayson. As angella gets to the trap jayson springs out of the trap and strikes angella onto the floor with his sword. Angella starts to bleed from her pelvis. She grabs her blowdart gun and shoots jayson in the arm twice. He staggers back but the fire is behind him which burns his other arm. Jayson lets out a wail as he strikes back down onto angella.

Angella screams in pain as the sword catches her side. The two tributes just lie there in pain as they both bleed out.

Several minutes later 2 booms are here


Hearing the two booms ocean and tori look together in worry. Knowing one of them have to kill each other. The two nod at each other to get to the cornucopia to fight.

A minute later they get to the plain and tori makes the first move striking down onto ocean which catches his eye. Ocean's eye is bludgeoned out of its socket.

Ocean staggers back until he gains his composure

Ocean: I am so sorry I have to do this. But I am going back to lake
Tori: Oh no your not bitch

As tori launches herself to ocean she grabs her hair and throws her to the cornucopia.

Tori: Oh fuck you

Tori rolls back up to see ocean run towards her. As he gets centimetres to her she steps to the side and trips him up.

Ocean: You really think you will win?
tori: No I don't. I know that I am going to win
Ocean: Oh don't be so confident about that

Ocean grabs onto his weapon and launches it towards tori which catches her arm. Tori grabs her mace and puts it down onto oceans head then onto his chest. The hit to his head knocked him out for a second but the chest only winded him. Tori then runs up to ocean and launches towards him again with her mace. It hits him in the chest again and this time its the end.

Oceans breathes go shallow until he finally dies


Congratulations Tori Watson from district 7 you are the victor of The hunger game year1


This has been amazing writing this

Idk when the scores for year 2 will be



she did that
Sent by varlto,Feb 5, 2018
Poor Ang :( queen of 3rd
Sent by Analiese,Feb 5, 2018
Sent by BrainJak,Feb 5, 2018
Sent by DJ2722,Feb 5, 2018
Ocean Water the King of 2nd.
Sent by Matedog1209,Feb 5, 2018

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